Review: From Your Heart by Shannyn Schroeder

From Your Heart
For Your Love #4
Shannyn Schroeder
March 27, 2018
Genre: Contemporary
Pages: 320
Format Read: eARC
Source: Publisher via NetGalley


Kathy "Play it Safe" Hendricks isn't used to taking risks, or fighting for what she wants. But as Maid of Honor in her best friend's wedding, Kathy will do anything to make sure it all goes smooth as bridal silk. She didn't plan on the Best Man being Kevin O'Malley, the hotter-than-flames, can't-commit bad boy who broke her heart five years ago.


Kevin has never forgotten Kathy, the sweet, sexy brunette who ghosted him just when he was starting to think he was ready for something more. Kathy was different from the other girls Kevin dated, and five years later it's truer than ever. Only now he senses a new strength in the shy girl who left him hanging all those years ago. And this time, he's not going to let her get away . . .

Sometimes first love needs a second chance.

I can't believe we are at the end of this series. I'm not ready to let either the O'Malley's or O'Leary's go. I've really loved reading about them. I enjoyed some stories more then others but as a whole both series were very good. 

We are now at Kevin's story. Throughout the For Your Love series we haven't really seen or heard from him a lot. For me he was slightly forgettable. I'm talking before his book. I didn't forget him as I was reading his story, that would have been horrible wouldn't it? 

I just meant that I personally don't remember him that much. Which meant I really didn't know his personality, only what I learn from other characters in the series and in this book. So as I read it I was a little clouded but others opinions of him. Mostly Kathy's and Moira. 

Moira's thoughts on Kevin are harsh. Of course some of her feeling are leftovers from childhood that can't be forgotten. I wasn't sure why and what was so bad with him and what he did but I grew up with a pain in the backside brother. 

I found that I really liked Kevin. He's a good guy and is working hard on growing up and starting the next time in his life. He's no longer the boy that's running around the neighborhood. He's ready for home and family. He works really hard on making things up with Kathy and believe me when I say she made him work double hard. 

Not that I don't understand that she felt cheated on but once she found out that the time she thought he did he didn't. Also they both where on different pages back then. One of serious the other playing around and having fun. They really should have talked to each other and figured out what they both wanted. Instead, Kathy saw what she saw and ran instead of talking to him about it. I get that she has issues with her family but don't we all? 

To be honest I think Kevin could have done better at times throughout this book. Now don't get me wrong I didn't hate Kathy or think her hurt wasn't justified. I just thought she was a little over the top about it. And her not being able to confront someone about anything instead runs away from a situation I don't know how she worked in retail. Customers are always pissed about something and yelling about it. 

Kathy might not have been my favorite but I did really like Kevin so I was able to enjoy the story. By the end of the book I was really glad they both were able to deal with what they needed to deal with and moved on with their lives. 

Like I mentioned at the top of this review I really loved these two families and hate that they are no longer around for me to enjoy. Yeah, I could reread but please the piles of books around my house say that I can't. I will mention that a new character in this book intrigued me, I don't remember his name or at least his last name if I remember his first name was Ronan I believe we need his story. 

If you've read From Your Heart or any other book by Shannyn Schroeder I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡


  1. Oh bitter sweet getting to the end of a series. Glad in the end it worked okay for the couple :)

    1. I both hate and love the end of a series. Hate it because I'm losing characters I love. Love it because I can't wait to see what's next.


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