Book on My List for This Tuesday

There is always so many wonderful books to buy each week. All of us are looking to buy different ones so this is the ones that I would like to buy or will be buying. I will also be throwing some in that I've read in ARC form that I think you'd like.

On sale 3/6/18

I don't know what I think about this one. Got ARC of it but...

On sale 3/6/18

I really enjoy this series and can't wait for this one to hit my eReader

On sale 3/6/18

If you haven't yet tried this series you don't know what you're missing

On sale 3/6/18

I want! I want!

On sale 3/6/18

I really enjoy this series

On Sale 3

Hockey romance fans will really enjoy this series

On sale 3/1/18

I love this series. I'm slightly behind but I still pick them up

On sale 3/6/18

I really want to catch up on her books. This one looks good. 

Pretty good week for me. Oh boy, like I need all these books. Either way I'm getting them anyway! 

So what are you looking forward to buying and reading? Give us a shout out what's on your list for 3/6/18!


  1. Nice picks. The Chase is on my list too

  2. I'm gonna have to check out several of those. They look like my kind of books.

  3. We have quite a few goodies coming out today right? I do love Donna Grant and need to catch up on her series. She writes so fast hehe


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