Book Club Thursday: True Confessions

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

This week we are doing...

As you can see this week we are doing true confessions. That means we will be sharing something with you that we have kept to ourselves before this. For some reason I feel like I should be in a dark room with no light on as I write this. Ha! 

I kept thinking about what I wanted to confess and at first couldn't come up with anything. I'm sure this happens to everyone when they are put on the stop. I'm also sure since I've done this post so far before it posts I'll come up with a 100 other things I could have written about but I'm going to keep this one. Maybe. I will. It's not good to keep changing my mind. 

So what's my true confession? 

I hate writing bad reviews. Now I know some of you are like..what? That's not really a confession. Well for me it is. I'm a reviewer and part of my job is to write the bad with the good. But I've got to be honest there are books that I read that are totally horrible (to me) and I never reviewed them. 

Most often these are ones that I couldn't find anything redeemable about them. I straight out hated them. I know you think this is silly but let me continue to explain. I have a tiny OCD problem. It's not Monk bad I just don't like a few things. One of them is having to cross out anything in my calendar. 

I know, more explanation is in order. Bare with me. 

So when I set up my calendar for the month, sometimes two or more, I spend one day figuring out what books I will review and when I will do it. I use to write them down on the calendar but then when I didn't want to review them I'd have to cross them out. Not easy to do for someone with calendar OCD. You heard me right, it's a thing trust me on this. So now I have I write all reviews on post-its that way if something changes then I'm okay. 

Of course when I sign up for a tour and agree to review then tell them I won't be I have a tiny bit of crossing out but I handle that, with a great big glass of wine! 

I know as a reviewer I should be willing to review the good and the bad and for the most part I do. I've reviewed books that are not up to my taste. It's the truly horrible (to me) ones that I don't review. So, what do you think of my confession? Pretty lame isn't it? I'll try better next time. To be honest I'm not sure if this is a confession about horrible reviews or OCD with calendars. Either one works for me. 

So what about you? Any confessions you'd like to share? Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡

March 22nd "Reading Challenge"


  1. Hee hee - I know your secrets- but that's because we are BFF! I too have some OCD quirks as you well know!

  2. I can understand that. I'm quirky in that if I start a book, I have to finish it. That's why I almost never have a dnf review.

    1. I don't either Mary. I hate not finishing something but once in a while...

  3. Ugh I hate having to x things out on my calendar. That is the worst! Though I really do appreciate it when people review the bad books, too, because it's saved me a couple times.

    1. Of course you don't want to x's things out. Your calendar is always so pretty! I try to always comment about what I didn't care for about a book even when I liked it. Never can't find fault I'm human but when it's the real bad...I have to be stronger.


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