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This week we are doing our Joint Review. That means you get one book and two opinions. 

Keeping it Hot 
 Breakfast in Bed #1
Sydney Landon
July 4, 2017
Berkley Books
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 285
Format Read: eBook
Source: Purchased

Zoe Hart owns the coffee shop in one of the hottest upscale resorts in Florida, run by her childhood best friend, Dylan Jackson. Even though Dylan is a workaholic, he still finds time to enjoy the beautiful women who pass through his hotel all of them except Zoe. She has been in love with Dylan for years without him noticing. But with her thirtieth birthday fast approaching, she realizes she can't keep pining away for a man who doesn't show the merest sign of romantic interest in her.

When Zoe launches her plan to shed her tomboy image in Dylan's eyes, she's thrilled once he starts to notice her in a whole new way. But she ll have to face the risk that seducing her best friend might come with lasting changes to their longtime friendship..."

I really love when we do our joint reviews. It's always fun to see what your fellow Book Club Thursday blogger thought about the book. Just like a book club! Ha! 

This time we a read Keeping it Hot by Sydney Landon. I picked this one, it's been on my list for almost a year and knew this was the perfect time for me to read it so I suggested it for our joint review, or at least one of them. 

Sydney Landon is a new author for me. This is the first time I read her. I didn't check out the reviews for the book before I picked it because I never like to read reviews before I read a book. Sometimes they change my thoughts on a book. So I went in blind other then the blurb. 

I both love that and fear it. You really never know what you're going to get. 

So as I was saying this is a new author for me. From the blurb I could tell it was going to be a fun book to read and it turned out to be true. I enjoyed Keeping it Hot. I can't say I loved it but I felt it was a solid 3.5 stars. I enjoyed the friends to lovers theme of the book. I would have to say that this was the first book where that was the trope and the characters truly felt like that. 

I really believed these two are friends. It's one of the things I really enjoyed. Their friendship was very strong and I think that's why they worked as a couple. Other then having sex they acted before as a couple and didn't even know it. 

It was fun reading about how they fooled themselves about what they wanted. Well, maybe more so for Dylan then Zoe. She knew she wanted him, Dylan on the other hand wanted nothing to changed but still wanted everything from Zoe. 


Now as much as I enjoyed this story and times it kinda seem like they were teenagers instead of adults. Mostly Zoe in that. Plus the humor kept wanting to head to the silly side of things. Yes the author pulls it back in time but there were times when I thought to myself "what!" 

If you're looking for something fun to read, nothing heavy then this is your story. I will be reading Dana's story because I just can't help myself. I just need to see how she handles her own relationship. 

So, have any of you read Keeping it Hot or any other book by Sydney Landon? If so I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡

Series link on Goodreads

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  1. Although I didn't care for Dylan as realistic as he was portrayed, I really liked the writing style and would read her next book. I also liked the setting/series set up


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