Review: Driftwood Cove by Debbie Mason

Driftwood Cove
Harmony Cove #5
Debbie Mason
Pages: 400
Format Read: eARC
Source: Publisher via NetGalley

True love deserves a second chance....

FBI agent Michael Gallagher never dreamed that his job would bring him back to his hometown of Harmony Harbor. Or that one of his best leads would be the woman he once loved. Hell, the woman he still loves. He regrets the way they ended, and he'd do anything to make things right with her now. But first he needs to regain her trust...

Shay Angel wants to leave the past behind her. And that includes Michael Gallagher, the only man she ever let close enough to break her heart. But she needs his help to find her uncle and clear his name. She won't hesitate to risk everything to save her family, but will she dare to risk her heart all over again? 

I love reading stories by Debbie Mason! Whenever her books are coming out I bouncing at the edge of my seat until I can read it. I always know that they will be funny, heartbreaking and so romantic. 

I was just that excited about Driftwood Cove! I wasn't really sure what would happen between Shay and Michael. A lot of their past baggage involved themselves and family. It's easy to get over your own past issues, but family...

We all know that family isn't so easy. Which you'll see when you read Driftwood Cove. The story deals a lot with their past and family. What Shay did in the past was horrible (not really nice) to Michael and I can understand why he didn't stick up for her more then with his family but now...

I wasn't really happy with how he let his mother speak to her. He keeps saying he loves Shay, but  can't seem to stand up to his mother for the woman he loves. To be honest I never really saw him really do it so it bugged me. 

Don't worry that's about all the really bugged me about the story. 

You'll love the widows club and their interaction with the mob. I want to say more but it's better if you read it for yourself. I laughed my way through it. I also love the ending with GG's ring. Another moment I can mention but not really tell you about. Believe me when I say it was funny & romantic! 

As a whole this is a wonderful story that I was happy to read. It had many of the past characters of the series in it, just maybe not as many. It also gave you a taste of what should be coming next. I will say that Jasper was in it a lot and we really focused on him. I need to know more about the man. 

To really enjoy this series start in the beginning. There is a main story theme that runs throughout the series that will be more enjoyable if you read them in order. This is the perfect series to curl up on the couch while it's snowing outside. 

I would like to mention that after Driftwood Cove there is a short story by Hope Ramsey called "A Fairytale Bride" I will admit that it turned out to be a DNF book for me. I might try it again later but right away in the beginning I knew I wasn't getting into it. It's only about 80 or so pages. 

If you've read Driftwood Cove or any other book by Debbie Mason I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡


  1. I haven't read it but I've seen it on Fb on the author's page and it's sounding better and better.

    1. I really enjoy her books. Her characters a flawed in a good way. You can't wait to see what they will do next.


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