Book Club Thursday: Getting to Know Us

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

Today we are doing our...
1. Dragons vs Gargoyles~~Dragons

2. Funny romance vs Serious~~Funny Romances

3. Knights vs Highlanders~~Highlanders

4. Sandra Hill vs Lynsay Sands~~Lynsay Sands

5. Time Travel: Current to Past vs Past to Current~~Past to Current 

6. Standalones vs Series~~Series

7. Cowboys vs Jocks~~Jocks

8. Own only one book (your favorite) vs Owning six you’ve never read before~~Own only one book

9. Ongoing series (six or more) VS Series with six or less~~Six or more

10. Do you read general fiction?~~No

11. Do you like pets in books?~~Yes

12. Small town romances?~~Yes 

13. Do you like series books?~~Yes

14. Do you read erotica?~~Yes

15. Do you like chase themed plots?~~No

I thought this was going to be so easy but I really had to think about my answer. Some of them both worked for me so I went with what was more important to me. What about you? We'd love for you to answer the questions too in the comment section. Just use the numbers to make it easier. 

February 8th "Rewind~In Case You Missed It"


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