Review Tour: Into the Night by Cynthia Eden

Into the Night 
Killer Instinct #3
Cynthia Eden
HQN Books
December 26, 2017
Pages: 384
Format Read: eARC
Source: TLC Book Tours/Publisher via NetGalley

Sheltered in the shadows of the Smoky Mountains is the suspect who’s summoned FBI agent Macey Night’s fears to the surface. Every day that the “Profiler,” a vigilante serial killer, escapes justice is another day she’s reminded of what it is to be a ruthless predator’s prey. Capturing him is a craving deeper than anything she’s felt in a long time. But Agent Bowen Murphy, equal parts sexy and volatile, seems hell-bent on changing that. Working together—needing, living, and breathing each other—they’re entwined to distraction.

Bowen’s used to operating on impulse: act, don’t feel. Now Macey and the controlled terror behind her beautiful eyes has him rethinking everything, including his rule to never get close to a colleague. He’s willing to fight for a future with Macey, but the consequences of love could be deadly.

There are certain books that you read that seem to take you awhile to get into, and then there are those you jump right in and seconds (only feels that way) later you are done with them. Into to the Night is one of those you jump right in and you are done in seconds. (again, only feels that way)

I've been waiting for this book because I was drawn to Bowen. There was just something about him that I needed to know more about. After reading Into the Night I knew why he drew me to him. 

The man has layers. He's tough, strong, sweet, funny, loyal, mega scary and is willing to die for those he loves. In this case it's Macey he's willing to lose his life for. Throughout the book you realize just how much he loves her and it makes your heart squeeze. 

I'm afraid that poor Macey was very busy hiding her emotions so it takes her a while to realize how she feels about him.  

I will admit that I loved the story line. This one kept me wondering till the end. Every time I thought I knew who was who, I was totally wrong or I was right but I didn't know it. Confusing I know. I just don't want to give anything away that will ruin it for you. The funny thing for me is that as long as I have strong, likable characters a week story line is okay, but I don't care how strong the story line is, if I don't like the characters that's it for me. This had both! I can't tell you how happy that made me. 

Into the Night is one of those books that I would recommend even if you don't read the rest of the series or anything by Cynthia Eden. This is big for me because I'm a read in order type of person. That's how good this one is for me. Now saying that I hope you'll take the time to read the whole series because I think you'll enjoy them all. Plus you'll really get to know the characters better. 

If you've read Into the Night or any other books by Cynthia Eden I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡

Cynthia Eden is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author. She writes dark tales of romantic suspense and paranormal romance. Her books have received starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, and was named a 2013 RITA® finalist for best romantic suspense. Cynthia lives in the Deep South, loves horror movies, and has an addiction to chocolate. More information about Cynthia may be found at


  1. Sounds like you really liked this. Plus that's huge, you saying to read it out of order etc

    1. I did love this. I didn't say to read out of order really but that if you were only going to read one story in this series this ones it.

  2. I am glad that you enjoyed this one. I love characters that have deep layers that you get to peel like an onion as you read.


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