A Blast From the Past Review: Forgotten Sea by Virginia Kantra

Forgotten Sea
Children of the Sea #5
Virginia Kantra
June 11, 2011
Pages: 304
Format Read: Paperback
Source: Purchased

A lost soul...

Fallen angel Lara Rho is eager to prove herself as a Seeker--one called to rescue other children of air before they are hunted down by the children of fire. Drawn to rootless, restless sailor Justin Miller, she is determined to save him. But Justin is no angel...

A lost life...

Charming drifter Justin is reluctant to get tangled up in port with conscientious Lara. A child of the sea, Justin remembers nothing of his life before the day he was plucked from a shipwreck seven years ago. But one impulsive act lands him literally on the side of the angels and on the run for his life. Lara and Justin must work together to uncover his identity--before what they don't know kills them both.

A passionate journey of discovery...

Pursued by Lara's colleagues and hunted by demons, the two set out on a journey into their darkest fears and deepest desires. Together they have powers neither imagined. But when Justin discovers his merfolk past, will he turn his back on his true nature...or his newfound love?

I read this one days after I got it. Oh those were the days! I haven't bought a book and read it right away in what seems like, forever. With the blog every review is done to the day so when I do buy something it gets pushed aside. 

I have mentioned that this year was going to be different and so far it has. I'm pulling more and more books of my bookshelves to read. 

Since I did do a quick review of this book on Goodreads when I read it I will copy and paste it here to share with you all. 
"For those who like a paranormal that's on the light side Kantra's The Children of the Sea are perfect. Even for those who don't really like paranormal could read these stories. Forgotten Sea is about a fallen angel and Justin a man that's more then he appears. What more you'll have to read the book to find out. The bond between Lara and Justin happens quickly even if they don't understand it at first. That bond will get them though some tough times in the coming days. This is a wonderful story that makes you want to keep reading until you get to the end. I also enjoy the see past characters."

As you can see back then I read and only wrote a short review. I wasn't really sharing it with anyone, just mostly with myself. The only reason I added my books and a quick review to Goodreads was so I could keep track.

I've changed a little bit since I started blogging. My reviews or should I say thoughts are more then a couple of sentences. I'm happy about that.

Since my review isn't that fully I will add that I really did love this series. This is the last book in the series and as whole I'm glad I read the series. If you like merfolk you'll enjoy this series. Here's a link to the series page on Goodreads, check it out!

If you've read Forgotten Sea or any other books by Virginia Kantra I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡



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