Books to Buy on Tuesday!

There is always so many wonderful books to buy each week. All of us are looking to buy different ones so this is the ones that I would like to buy or will be buying. I will also be throwing some in that I've read in ARC form that I think you'd like.

Out January 30th

This is book #5 in her Highlander series. Great series. I reviewed it on January 26th, here is the link

Out January 30th

This is book #1 of her new Alphaville series. Loved it! I also reviewed this one on January 23rd, here's the link 

Out January 30th

This is book #5 of her Cottonbloom series. If you haven't yet started it then you must. I'm reviewing it today. 

Out January 30th

I'm am behind, not horrible but enough. Love this series though so I will have to buy this one and add it to my pile. 

Out January 30th

This is book #46 of her In Death series. I'm am so far behind I have no clue why I'm adding this book to my list. I do, I have a problem. Mostly I'll wait for it to come out in paperback. We will see...

This weeks list is a little better. So what about you, what are you looking forward to buy today?


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