Book Club Thursday: Thursday Rewind "Remember When"

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

Today we are doing our Thursday Rewind: Remember When post. Let me explain to you what that's all about. So we go back to one of our own posts and add something to it. You'll get the link from the prior post so you can go back and read it along with our new thoughts.  

So I decided on doing my post from 5/4/17. It's where I was talking about "time to read, time to review & time to enjoy". 

I really liked this post because I spoke from my heart. I really think all three of these are important. So I am going to once again break them down and add to them. 

Time to Read

I spoke before about not having enough time to read. I mentioned that I sometimes get lost in my TV watching. 

All this is still true but I decided for the new year to have better reading goals so that I don't feel so overwhelmed with what I have to read. No longer with I take so many reviews on that I don't also have time to live. 

Time to Review

I spoke about because not having enough time to read I didn't have as many books to review. 

This upcoming year I plan to add more fun post to my blog along with the reviews so that I have better balance. 

Time to Enjoy

I mentioned that I didn't have time to enjoy the books on my book shelf and that I'd love to have more time to read them. 

I did start a 'author catch up' them and did okay throughout the year. I'm hoping with the new authors I picked that I can do better in 2018.

I'm sure we all wish we had more time to read. I will try my best for 2018 to do better. I have many goals for 2018 for the blog and I hope it all works out! 

January 18th "Cover Talk"


  1. Nice post. I always want to read and review more

  2. Great post you have shared here. Its always a good thing to want to do more reading and get caught up on those reviews.

    1. I'm hoping this will be the year. Of course I'm nothing holding my breath about it. Ha!

  3. I like having a mix of things on my blog. I like reading and reading reviews but fun posts are great too.


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