Reading Challenge 2017

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

Today we are doing our last reading challenge. I had so much fun this year. I can't wait for next years reading challenges. 

This month I read a book from this list:


Read a new author
Start a new series
Read an anthology 
Read a hardcover
Read a trade
Read a “small town romance”
Re-Read a “suitcase” / desert island book 
Read a book with a favorite romance trope 
Read a book set in another country (any genre)
Read a book with a favorite historical time period
Read a paranormal with a favorite type of character
Read a book under 250 pages
Read a book over 300 pages
Read a book you keep meaning to read
Read a book set in the Future 
Read or re-read a favorite authors debut book

I did...
Re-Read a “suitcase” / desert island book 

Hers to Heal
Black Eagle OPS #2
Vonnie Davis
November 22, 2017
Pages: 233
Format Read: eBook

Navy SEAL Reece Browning sacrificed body and soul in the line of duty. He survived torture at the hands of America’s enemies, but lost his career and his voice in the process. Traumatized and desperate to get his PTSD under control, Reece escapes to Eagle Ridge Ranch. Under the big Texas sky, he finds peace, a renewed sense of purpose—and a woman who makes him feel like a man again. Her smile lights up his dark days, and her caress helps him forget the night terrors.

Ex-Marine Gina Wilson also bears painful scars: emotional wounds inflicted by men she once trusted with her life. She has fought hard to overcome her demons and build a good life for her daughter, and Reece is too intense, too damaged, too raw to let into her heart. Yet she’s drawn irresistibly to his steely gaze and heated embrace. No one else understands what it’s like to suffer in silence. And when Gina’s daughter is threatened, it’s Reece who risks everything to save the day.

I have to make a small confession to you all, the reason I picked this challenge was because I was again having trouble picking something to read and pulled this up on my kindle because I knew I'd be able to read it again. No thought to using it for any of the challenges until when I looked over the list for one to do it hit me to use this one. It worked for me! 

When I first read Hers to Heal in November of 2016 I just fell in love with it. It's Gina's daughter who made me do so. She is so sweet and cute. The way she calls Reece dad, who by the way freaks out when she does but can't stop her because it touches his heart. 

All around this is a enjoyable story. If you haven't yet read it then you really should. I'm still waiting for the third book in the series to come out don't know what the hold up is but I'm hoping its soon. Here's the link for my original review of Hers to Heal

Thanks for sharing a years worth of reading challenge post. I really hope you'll be with us next year. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡

December 28th " Wrapping up the year and what's to come"


  1. Sounds good! And sometimes, you just need a re-read-it's simple and you already know what you are getting

    1. I agree. Sometimes it's just easier. I'm glad that I reread it, it's one of my favorites.

  2. I'll have to give her books a try. That sounds good.

    1. She writes good funny and touching stories with a steam added!


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