Book Club Thursday: Remember When

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

Today we are doing our....
I can't believe this is our last Remember When post for the year. Thank you for sticking out with us! I know we enjoy doing these weekly post and it makes it much better that we can share them with you! 

I was thinking about what I was going to do today and I thought I would look back as some of my favorite Remember When posts of the year. 

One of my favorite post was posted on April 6th were I talked about my love of reading! Here's the link in case you missed it. 

Another favorite of mine was my Time to Read, Time to Review, Time to Enjoy. This one was fun for me too! I really liked the idea of it. Here's that link, again in case you missed it. 

I also had a few not so great Remember When post. The one that was only so-so is the post I did on October 5th. I kind of had nothing really to talk about so I made it up as I went. Here's the link for that one. 

Overall, I had a great year and can't wait for next year. Many changes happening. I hope you join us. 

Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡

December 14th "Clearing Off the Bookselves"


  1. Remember When we planned Remember When? Lol. We both took a real "remember" type approach this time. Love it

    1. We did at that. I do remember us coming up with the idea. It was enjoyable.

  2. Hopefully the coming year will be as good or better than this year was.


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