Thanksgiving: Family & Friends

With it being Thanksgiving tomorrow I was thinking about this. The holidays always makes me think about my family and friends. At the moment my family is dealing with my poor mom who fell and broke her wrist. She needed surgery and while we waited to see how she came though it I thought about my family and friends.

All the people I'm thankful to have in my life. I'm including all of you in this too. If it wasn't for all of you that follow me regularly I wouldn't have a blog. Okay, maybe I would but it would be a lonely place.

I was also thinking about what I love about reading romance, (I know it was a crazy time to think about it but...) is that it's never just about the hero & heroine. It's also about all those people in their lives that help make the story better.

Sometimes that person is a mother, father, brother or crazy aunt. Then other times it's the nosy neighbor who calls your mother every time you have someones over that's not family. 

Either way, when you read a romance you remember to think of those around you, your supporting cast. They are what makes you life fuller. Here are a few of my favorite series because of all those things I mentioned above.

You would think this would be easy to just give you a bunch of series that I love that remind me of what's good about family and friends but it's not. I love way too many series. I'm trying hard to only mention a few.

I guess I would have to start of with my favorite Julie Garwood. She has some of my favorite series and characters, My all time favorite book is by her. Ransom is one of those books that I read once a year just so I can visit with the characters. My favorite series by her is Highland's Lairds / Burchanan-Renard they connect with family not time periods.

Since I'm talking historical's I have to mention Johanna Lindsey's Malory-Anderson families. I've had hours of enjoyment reading about them. I can't forget Catherine Coulter's Sherbrooke Brides, I have spent hours talking with a friend of mine about the Sherbrooke's. Love them.

Now it's not only historical's that I feel that way about. Here are a few of my favorite contemporaries. Sandra Hill's Cajun series comes to mind. I can't not mention Susan Mallery's Fool's Gold series. Talk about a supporting cast! Everywhere you turn there is someone for you. I also love Debbie Mason's Harmony Harbor series, very connected people in it. I can't leave out Lora Leigh's Nauti series. This family and those who are close to them stick together like glue.

I'm not about to leave out paranormal's. There are a few wonderful ones. One of those stories that makes you realize that family isn't always the ones your born into is Shelly Laurenston's Pride. Nalini Singh's series Psy-Changeling is one that makes me think of family and friends. I can't forget Janet Chapman's Highland series. We recently lost Janet and her and her books will be missed.

So now that I shared some of the book series that remind me of family, friends and crazy neighbors, what about you? What series or book reminds you of those feelings you have a Thanksgiving?

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and get to enjoy it with someone you love. Thanks for being here and sharing my love of talking about books!


  1. What a thoughtful post. So thankful to be your friend.

  2. I just loved your post here especially the shout out to Thanksgiving. Its definitely a time of reflection and on the positive things and moments in our life.

    I am so glad that you mentioned Johanna Lindsey and Janet Chapman. I think for Thanksgiving feels, Chapman does the best at that. Especially her highlander series. I love how close knit the characters are with each other.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your mom. I've broken bones before, that's never fun. My family will be coming over tomorrow so I'll be doing the cooking.


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