Review: Whiskey River Runaway: Justine Davis

Whiskey River Runaway
Whiskey River #2
Justine Davis
September 28th
Tule Publishing
Pages: 228
Format Read: eARC
Source: Publisher via NetGalley

When widower Truett Mahan finds a trespasser hiding in one of his building renovation projects, he thinks he has a runaway teen on his hands. He's right about the runaway, but Hope Larson is all woman, and in desperate need of help. True never turns away a person in trouble, but helping Hope wakes up feelings and dreams he thought buried with his wife years ago.

Hope was forced to run to protect the people she loves, paring her life down to what fits in her backpack. True tempts her to stop running and set down some roots in Whiskey River, a town she's come to love.

Can this strong, honorable man help her retake her life, or will the danger she'd left behind strike out at them both?

I'm so glad to be reading Justine Davis again. I'm happy that I found a new series of hers to enjoy. You meet True in Whiskey River Rescue and want to know more about him. He's one of those charcters that stand out and call to you. I love when that happens. 

Whiskey River Runaway is the second book in the Whiskey River series and I have to say after reading it I want more!

I really love True. There is just something about him that calls to me. He's such a great guy, one you want to know. He's had a tough few years and you just want him happy again. 

Now Hope I wasn't sure about at first but I quickly found that I liked her. I didn't blame her for what she did and how she handled it. She made the best choices for herself and those around her. It took guts for everything she did. 

Whiskey River Runaway is a very touching story that pulls at the heart strings. You get to visit with the characters from Whiskey River Rescue which is the prior books. You also meet more characters and get to wonder about them. I can't wait to see who's next. 

As much as I enjoyed this story I did have one little issue. I felt what Hope was dealing with at times overshadowed the romance. I wanted them to talk about more then what she was going through. Even with that I enjoyed the story. 

If you've read Whiskey River Runaway or any other book by Justine Davis I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡


  1. I've missed reading her stories and I am happy to be reading this soon. Nice review!

    1. Thanks. I missed them too. I think you'll really enjoy this one!

  2. I haven't read this author but this book sounds really good.

    1. I've been reading her for years and have really enjoyed her books.


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