Review: Nauti Angel by Lora Leigh

Nauti Angel
Nauti #9/Nauti Girls #5
Lora Leigh
Berkley Books
November 7th
Pages: 352
Format Read: eARC
Source: Publisher via NetGalley

Angel Calloway isn't the girl next door. Known for being rude and cursing like a sailor on a bender, she's meaner than the two mercenaries she's followed since she was young. Needing anyone is not what she's about. Or so she thought--until she found the mother she was taken from so long ago, Chaya Mackay, wife to the notorious Natches Mackay.

One night with Angel and devilishly sexy Marine Reece Duquaine was hooked. She nearly blew his head off, and moments later, she blew his mind. He's been after her ever since, wrestling with a desire that fights to consume him. But now he has her in his sights--and is ready to take his shot.
Unless someone else moves in for the kill first...

If you haven't yet read the Nauti series you might not understand why I love them so much. But once you give them a try you'll get it. Yes they have all the heat that Leigh is known for, but we all know that sex isn't the only thing to a good story. 

In fact, for me it rates pretty low on the list. I enjoy it, I just don't need it to get into a story. I'll give you a heads up right now, this series and her Nauti Girls series both have a ton of explicit sex. These books aren't for those who go mild on the sex. 

What I love about these series are the people. They are never perfect, but they are always funny, loving and caring for those they feel need them. I just love the way they think. Out of all Leigh's series this one is my favorite other then her Breeds. I just love this family and never want them to end. 

I don't think the author has anymore Nauti books coming out but I do know other characters from the series should be getting stories in other series. 

This story has been a long time in the making. It started with Nauti Dreams and ended in Nauti Angel. You really have to read the whole series to understand totally what I mean. This is a series I'd read in order for a fuller feel of each book. 

From the moment you figured out who Angel was you wanted her story. You wanted, no...needed to know how it was going to all play out. Because so many of us really couldn't wait for this story I was a little worried that it wouldn't meet my expectations. 

I am so glad to be able to tell you it did! 

I really loved this story and didn't want it to end. I feel like I'm beating a dead horse here but that's how I felt. I sat down and started it and didn't want to stop until it was totally done. 

The chemistry between Angel and Reece was apparent right away. The pages almost started smoking in your hands. Not only did they want each other, you could tell they needed each other. Love has been between them for a long time. They just didn't know it. 

Some of you know this story wasn't just about Angel and Reece, it was also about her mother and stepfather. Leigh did a wonderful job of explaining the past without making it sound made up. They didn't right away get over old hurts, they had to work on it some. Much of this plays out before the book for Angel but it was really her pain that needed to be dealt with them most. 

Nauti Angel is a very busy story that really has two plots going on with it. Because it's done well you don't feel like you missed something so that's a huge plus. I know that I didn't get more into the story with you but believe when I say this, the series speaks for itself and shouldn't be ruined by giving out to many facts. 

If you've read Nauti Angel or any other book by Lora Leigh I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡

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  1. Great review. I have been super curious about this series, since I have enjoyed this author quite a bit.

  2. I love Lora Leigh but I haven't read this yet and it sounds really good.

  3. I need to get on these latest ones. Yay for them being good.


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