Book Love: Saved by the Rancher by Jennifer Ryan

This is the book that started my love affair with Jennifer Ryan. From the moment I read Saved by the Rancher I was hooked on her. I've read and loved everything she's written since. Do yourself a favor and read her series in order. They work better that way.

From the moment rancher Jack Turner rescues Jenna Caldwell Merrick, he is determined to help her. Soon, he is tending more than her wounds, he is mending her heart. Jenna is a woman on the run—hunted down by her ex-husband, David Merrick, from the moment she left him, taking part of his company with her, to the second she found herself on the safety of Jack’s ranch. More than just a safe haven, Jack’s offering the love, family, and home she thought was out of reach.

Jack’s support and love will give her the strength she needs to reclaim her life. The hunted will become the hunter, as David gets what he deserves when they have an explosive confrontation in the boardroom of Merrick International.

But not before Jack and Jenna enter into a fight…for their lives.


  1. I haven't read her but it sounds like I should.

  2. I agree that her books do work best if you read them in order. I just love her style of writing, so emotionally driven that I love though. I do need to read this series still, but I do plan on getting to it.

    1. You'll love it. I can't read her without finding myself yelling at the characters in the book to either run or stay down. Every interactive for me. Ha!


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