Book Club Thursday: Winner and Christmas Review

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday!

Today we are doing our Christmas review and announcing the winners or our contests. 

My winner is...
Rita Wray! Congrats Rita, thank you for participating in our giveaway! 

For our Christmas review I read...

Christmas in Good Hope
Good Hope #1
Cindy Kirk
December 1, 2015
Montlake Romance
Pages: 302
Format Read: eBook
Source: Purchased

Amaryllis “Ami” Bloom’s cheerful smile greets everyone in Good Hope, Wisconsin. But her merry facade hides a dark secret she won’t ever forget. Still, she throws herself into celebrating Christmas—and convinces her handsome, and stubborn, new neighbor to join her.

Beckett Cross, however, is determined not to celebrate the holidays. He moved to Good Hope to leave behind reminders of how he’d had it all…and lost everything. But it’s hard to resist adorable Ami, the designated keeper of the small town’s holiday traditions, when she asks for help with the Twelve Nights celebrations. And Ami has a hard time resisting Beck’s soft Southern drawl and gentle eyes. Will a Christmas miracle give them a second chance at love and the hope to heal both of their hearts for good?

I have to tell you that it took me forever to figure out a Christmas story to giveaway and review. I spent a good two, maybe three days looking and picking only to disregarded it a pick something new. 

See the problem was that since I was giving it away and hadn't yet read it I wanted to be sure to pick something good. But as I mention it was going to be something I hadn't read yet. Scary thought. So after the few days of looking, I went with the book that kept calling to me to read it. 

I decided to go with Christmas in Good Hope. Thankfully it was the first in the series and I already had it. So not only had I picked a book to review and giveaway I also got a book cleared off of my shelf. (kindle shelf)

Pluses all around! 

It's been a while since I read a book by Cindy Kirk. I remember I liked what I read but since it was so long ago I couldn't tell you how much I liked or what it was that I read. I do remember seeing this book a while back and buying it thinking I'd read it for the holidays and never doing so. 

That's the problem with so many good books out there, you just buy, buy, buy and read only a small portion of what you buy. At least I do. I've been trying to do much better but...

Back to the book, I really enjoyed Christmas in Good Hope. I love small-town holiday books. They warm my soul at the holidays. If you could see the inside of my house right now you'd know why I like them. It looks like Christmas threw up in it. What can I say, I 'm Christmas crazy. 

Small-town holiday romances have a way of feeling right to me. The town is usually over the top in their decorations and I get that. I am that! 

With Christmas in Good Hope you get that along with character that you want to know their story. I really liked Ami, she's a people pleaser like me so I got how she was killing herself for others around her even as she enjoyed it. 

I wasn't sure about Beck at first but warmed up to him quickly. You'll feel his pain and am glad that he's finally getting to the point he can move on. 

There are many other characters that I liked and some that I didn't. But all of them made for a better story. 

Both Ami and Beck have many issues, some easy to get over others not so much but I do like how they were able to help each other move on. Them falling in love was so enjoyable. I usually enjoy humor in my stories and didn't find any in this story at first but then I found myself laughing out loud at certain parts. I was so glad that I finally read Christmas in Good Hope. The bad part is that I now need to read the other books in the series. My wallet isn't going to be happy. 

If you are looking for a wonder romance that happens during the holiday then Christmas in Good Hope is the story for you! 

If you've read Christmas in Good Hope or any other books by Cindy Kirk I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for vising and happy reading! ♡  

Cyndi @Born to Read Books

December 7th "Remember When"


  1. I haven't read this author in forever. This sounds good. And congrats to Rita. You are also my winner over on my blog.

    1. I really enjoyed it and can't wait to read the others in the series.


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