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Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

Today we are doing...

Welcome back everyone! I hope your Halloween was a good one. We had a ton of kids, I'm talking about close to 700 kids. Crazy right? Now we are on to Thanksgiving! 

Speaking of the holidays I was wondering what you think of holiday books? I can remember back in the day from October through December you'd be able to find a ton of holiday related books, not ebooks, print books. You know the ones you wrapped and gifted to a friend because you want them to be able to enjoy it too! 

I feel that more and more you can't find those books anymore. Most of them are ebook only and the anthologies are mostly older stories wrapped up with a new one from a series everyone loves just so it will sell. 

Now I'm not saying you can't find a holiday book to read, I'm just saying it's not like it use to be. I can remember back in the day, that makes it sound like I'm so old, where I'd order most of my holiday books in October, adding to them as newer ones came out, and then on Thanksgiving I'd place the pile (yes, a pile) next to where I always sit on the couch to be read. I even had the order in which I'd read, keeping a special one for Christmas Eve and day. 

I would have so many holiday books to read that I would never get through them all before Christmas. I'd either have to keep reading into January or keep them for Christmas in July. 

Now a days my pile is very small. Of course blogging has taken away some books from that pile but not as many as you'd think. Sure, I read and review many holiday books for the blog that the publishers send me, but most of those aren't print book anyway. Some are, but not all. 

Maybe I am getting old! 

I know holiday books are something I look forward too but what about you? Do you read them or are you to busy during the holidays to bother? If you read them when do you start? Do you feel there are less holiday books now then say back five years? 

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks for stopping by and happy reading! ♡

November 9th "Clearing Off the Bookshelves"


  1. I agree. Finding print copies of Holiday books/romances that contain all new content for anthologies or aren't re-releases or part of a series are harder to find.

  2. You are so right. It is so hard to find them in print. I have been reading holiday stories in ebook, but like you said, it is so hard to find any in print. I have snatched up a few including a Halloween story.

  3. I do agree that it can be more difficult to find Christmas/Winter romances than there was even a couple years ago which I don't know why since they are great to read. I do prefer to wait till December to read Holiday romances. But yes I can be pretty busy this time of year. Because there are so many events in December to go see and do.

    1. I love reading holiday books. From me it just adds to the whole season. I think it's the fact that how I read them changed for me that bothers me some. I still read them, just differently.


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