Book Club Thursday: Remember When

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

Today we are doing our...

So what am I going to talk about today? I have no freaking clue!! Ha! I know, it's like a broken record with me. When I sit down to do our Remember When post I always have to think about what to do. You'd think by now I'd learn to have a plan going into these post instead of waiting until I start to write the post. Have you met me? If you haven't let me explain, I'm great at leaving things go till the last minute. 

I find if I start to type the ideas come and if you look at my past posts you'll see that they are pretty good ones. 

I'm sort of stalling. Now I'm going to feed my animals while I think about this weeks post. They are surrounding me and it's making me feel uncomfortable. They aren't good at patiently waiting for dinner. They act like they are being starved.   

Okay, as I spooned up their food and they started up at me with evil eyes I thought of something to talk about. When I tell you what it is you'll wonder how I came up with that from the animals evil eyes. The answer clue. 

But I was thinking about the fact that at one time, back in the day when I worded in the bookstore and a little after before I was blogging, I bought any book that I wanted. Even ones I hadn't yet tried the first book in the series and I'd be buying book five.  


I have no clue why,  I just had to have everything. I use to get my RT Review magazine and go through it and order every romance that sounded good or had a good cover. I would end up sometimes with twenty-five or more books a month. 

This was before the time of when you'd also have ebooks. I can only imagine what I'd be spending now if I kept buying like I used to. 

I'd love to say that now that I review I don't spend that much on books. Yes, that's what I'm saying and if any of my family happens to check out this post that's what they will think too. But for everyone else, I still spend and buy a ton of books. I just can't help myself. 

I use to say that if romance readers had something like AA we'd use that time to find new authors to read. It' wouldn't work as it should. We now call them book clubs. Ha! 

What about you? Do you buy a ton of books a month? Do you buy more now or in the past? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡

October 12th "Clearing Off the Bookshelves"


  1. I have a monthly book budget but I usually always over spend! Lol

  2. Memories! I will always buy print books over ebooks. I love their physical being. Right now my Kindle says I have no more space even though I just got rid of tons of freebies I will never read. And my Kindle app for pc won't load! You never have those tech problems with the real thing, PAPER!

    1. That is so true. I hate when my kindle isn't working. You might need to upgrade yours to a newer model.

  3. I buy authors that I already like, or new books in series that I'm reading as they come out and freebies if they sound good. I already have a good number of books to keep me reading for a while.

    1. I do too Mary, way more then I probably should. Can't help it, love my books.


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