Book Club Thursday: Getting to Know Us!

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday!

Normally this week we'd be doing our 'Free Day' post but we thought we'd change it up a little. We are doing a guest post of another blog that's part of Book Club Thursday. My guest post is with Born to Read Books I asked these same questions of The Many Faces of Romance on July 20th here is the link

Welcome Cyndi from Born to Read Books Blog thanks for being here with us today!

Romancing the Reader: When you are picking a book to either buy or review what attracts you to it?
Born to Read Books: It depends. Although to be honest, it's usually the cover and or title.

Romancing the Readers: What could make you put it down without finishing it?
Born to Read Books: Oh, gee. I'm pretty flighty with my reading sometimes. LOL . If I can't get into it within the first 30 pages or so, I'll step away. That could be because the writing wasn't my cup of coffee, the book wasn't fitting my mood or any other number of reasons. And in case you are wondering, I'd say the chances of my going back about are 50/50.

Romancing the Readers: Do you have a comfort read genre or author?
Born to Read Books: Not really. However, I do go back and re-read some of favorites from time to time. And I'm really into Agatha Christie right now.

Romancing the Readers: What type of book do you always pass on?
Born to Read Books: Most likely romance in the New Adult or Erotica style with alternating male/female first person POV's. Neither are my cup of coffee. 

To see the rest of the guest posts go to Born to Read Books & The Many Faces of Romance Feel free to answer any of the questions. We'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡

October 26th "Reading Challenge"


  1. Thanks for the "interview" . This was a fun week.

  2. It's usually the cover for me first and then the blurb. I enjoyed the interview.

    1. Thanks, Mary! Often the cover will draw my attention too! I think for me it's usually, author, cover then blurb.

  3. Fun Q & A! It's good to know what friends are thinking about reading.


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