Book Club Thursday: Clearing Off the Bookshelves

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

Today we are doing...

Jenesi Ash
Pages: 280
Format Read: Trade Paperback
Source: Purchased

Four friends come together in a hot contemporary erotic novel from the author of Chain Reaction.

Meet the friends: Free spirited Jamie is not one to be tied down?unless it?s in the bedroom. Caleb is Jamie?s sexually adventurous lover who has no desire to domesticate her. Mia is Jamie?s naive friend whose sexual fulfillment has depended solely on her first and only lover. Aidan thinks he knows what Mia wants. That?s because he?s the only man she?s ever gone to, to get it.

This weekend, four best friends at the crossroads of their relationships have decided to do something different. But as sexual partners shift, Jamie, Caleb, Mia, and Aidan will discover more about themselves and each other than they ever imagined.


I can still remember when my friends and I ordered this. We were so excited to read it. At that time I was really into erotic romance and every new author (she's not new, aka Susanna Carr) we just had to try. 

Then like so many other books I put it on the shelve and read something else. It wasn't the books fault, at that time I'd be buying upwards to 25-30 books a month. I just had way more books then I could read. 

It's the same now, or at least the too many books part. I don't buy as many, or so I keep telling everyone so they don't know about a addiction. 

So last week I was looking for something to read for our Clearing Off the Bookshelves and I wanted something was was both old and something at the time I was dying to read. 

So I pulled off the shelve, Swap by Jenesi Ash. I wish I could say I was glad that I finally got to it. I can't say that. Okay, it wasn't that it was that bad, it was just that I didn't like it. 

Why? I know no clue. I just couldn't get into it. The story was just okay. In fact the whole book was just okay. Sad to say I know, but that's how it felt. I now really with I hadn't spent so much money buying it. That sounds terrible, I don't me it to, I just feel what I feel. 

Am I glad that I gave it a try? Of course I am. How else would I have known if I liked it or not? Oh well, I gave it a try and felt it was only so-so. 

If you've tried Swap or any other book by Jenesi Ash I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by and happy reading! ♡

October 19th "Getting to Know Us"


  1. That's too bad that it was a miss. I totally love this cover

    1. I love the cover too. Yeah, the story was just meh! It happens.

  2. You really went back on the TBR pile. Sorry it disappointed. I wonder if I bought it,too.

    1. I can’t remember. As you can see it was very long ago.

  3. Sorry you didn't like this one as much as you had hoped.

    1. It hurt my heart not to. I like enjoying everything I read.

  4. Oh disappointing when that happens. I'd not heard of either of her names.


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