Who wore it better?

Have you ever looked up a book by the title alone? We all know that somethings with just the title it is really hard to find the book we are looking for. So often the title has been used by many different authors. So we usually need to add the authors name to the title to find the right one. 

Before you've done that have you ever stopped and checked out the different covers on the books with the same title? 

Well I have! Why? I have no clue. I'm guess it's because I have too much time on my hands or I'm avoiding doing something like the dishes. But I have looked, and now I'm going to make you look too! 

Here's two covers that wear the same title. Which one do you like the best? Why did you pick that one? Have you read either book? 

I will have to say that at the time I loved the cover of Dara Joy's. My tastes have changed somewhat over time and I will admit that for now I enjoy the Cynthia Eden cover more. I've read and enjoyed both books and encourage you to read them if you haven't. 

Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡


  1. I kinda like Dara Joy's cover better.

  2. I think I still like the first one better. The guys hand and arm looks funny to me, kind of veiny, lol. I know the other one is dated, but... :)

  3. I like both covers, and they are pretty different,but to be honest I love old style covers!!


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