Review Tour: Second Chances: A Romance Writers Collection

Second Chances
A Romance Writers Collection
J. Kenner, Liliana Hart, Christina Lauren, Alyssa Day, Rachel Hauck, 
Marilyn BrantKerri Carpenter, CiCi Coughlin, Cassandra Dean, 
Tina Ferraro, Renee Luke, Ariella Moon, Brandi Willis Schreiber, 
Lizzie Shane, Sharon Sobel, Damon Suede, Tara Wyatt 
Pages: 399
Format Read: eARC
Source: RWA 

Do you believe in second chances?

Romance Writers of America brings together seventeen of today's hottest authors in an anthology of never-before-published tales that reveal true love always deserves a happy ending.

Follow New York Times best-selling authors J. Kenner and Christina Lauren back to reader-favorite worlds.

New York Times bestseller Alyssa Day sprinkles djinn magic in her humorous paranormal romance, while Rachel Hauck brings the enchantment of the holidays in her New Year’s Eve contemporary love story.

And Liliana Hart delivers thrills and adventure in her characters’ search for the impossible.

With characters who find love through tough situations, in an elegant 1800s ballroom, with an old friend who shows up when least expected, at a tender age when cliques and homework get in the way of relationships, or after a random encounter in an unlikely setting, Second Chances delivers romance to strike every reader’s fancy.

Plus tales from:
Marilyn Brant
Kerri Carpenter
CiCi Coughlin
Cassandra Dean
Tina Ferraro
Renee Luke
Ariella Moon
Brandi Willis Schreiber
Lizzie Shane
Sharon Sobel
Damon Suede
Tara Wyatt


I really love anthologies. It's the perfect way of finding new authors or just enjoy a short story by a author you love. Because of all I just said I have to admit that I was very excited about reading Second Chances. 

The fact that they are stories about second chance romances makes it easier dealing with how short the stories are. The characters already know each other so all that's left to do is fall in love...again! 

I liked most of the stories in this book. Some weren't my cup of tea but that didn't stop me from reading them.  I have to tell you that the only authors I read in the collection are Tara Wyatt & Alyssa Day. 

So for me this book was like window shopping. My way and looking for new authors. A few of the authors I will be adding to my list of authors I read. 

My favorite story from the new authors for me is Scandalous by Cassandra Dean. I really enjoyed her writing and the story was very good. I will for sure add her to my list. 

I'm happy so glad that I gave this book a chance and I think you'll enjoy it too. If nothing else you'll find a few new authors that will be added to your ever grow TBR pile. 

If you've read Second Chance or any of the authors in this book and would like to talk about them leave a comment. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡


  1. Nice review! I like discovering new authors and reading stories by old favorites. This sounds like a good collection.


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