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Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

Today we are doing ...

I can't believe we only 4 more Remember When's left this year. I've really enjoyed this theme post and glad that we did it. I did have to go back to all my other Remember When posts and see what I wrote to make sure I'm not going to double dip so to speak. 

I'm not sure why the hell I never wrote down my topic in my calendar so I could quickly look. On the list, for next year if we keep this theme. You'll have to wait until December to learn what we are doing next year. 

As I was thinking about today's post and what I was going to talk about so many topic's hit me. Unfortunately I've done so many that I was starting to think that  I wasn't going to come up with something. 

But of course I did! 

I decided to talk about those authors that I love but I find that I can't find the time to read anymore, or I'm just not as excited to read. I'm not sure if this happens to you, but it did to me, I still read romance only but I've changed somewhat on the authors I read. 

Like I use to love Johanna Lindsey and haven't read her in forever excerpt to reread one of her books for our Reading Challenge. I also love Cherry Adiar and no longer read her. Not sure why, just got behind and when I couldn't keep up...gave up. 

I also loved, Susan Anderson and can't tell you the last time I read her. I won't even mention how many I'm behind on with J. D. Robb! Too many to count. I can't forget Sharon Sala or Heather Graham. Both I have a ton of their books to read, just haven't done so. 

Of course some of my favorite authors of the past have also stopped writing so that's one reason I don't read them any more or that they totally changed genre's and I didn't follow. 

Some of those are, Katherine Sutcliffe she hasn't written anything since I think 2003? Metsy Hingle who I haven't seen a book from since around 2006. Really miss Mary Lynn Baxter who I haven't read since around 2005. 

There are also authors that have passed away that I loved and miss there books a lot. Beverly Barton who passed away April of 2011, Trish Jensen who left us February 2014 was another of my go-to authors. I also miss Marcia Evanick who passed away in July of 2012. I would like to say that there is only a very short lists of authors who have passed away that I will truly miss but it's not. So many gone to soon. 

So what about you? Which authors do you never seem to find the time to read, or have they stopped writing, or maybe have passed away? I'd love to hear from you! Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡

September 14th "Clearing off the Bookshelves"


  1. Oh, so many great authors that you mentioned. I too haven't read many of them in years. I miss Trish Benson's books, it was sad when she passed.

  2. I was just thinking of some of the authors that you mentioned and miss them too. I know I miss Christiane Heggen also. I think Sala is the only author I am not to far behind with and I wish I could stay caught up with them all,too.

  3. That's happened to me because I started out reading Historical romance and I just don't read much of those books anymore so there are a few authors I no longer read or haven't read in a long time.


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