Book Club Thursday: Remember When

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

This week we are doing our...

Now that we've past the half way point for this years Book Club Thursday we are already working on next years posts. That's right, we start thinking about what we want to do next year now. Then we get together and decide what works best for all of us. 

Surprisingly we don't have that many issues agreeing on what to do. I guess that's because we are like minded people. Here we are hard at work last year! Well here's Cyndi @Born to Read Books & Karen @The Many Faces of Romance I'm the one taking the photo! 

I can still remember when we came up with this. I had the grain of the thought and we all got together at our favorite Starbucks and talked about it for hours. next thing you knew we went shopping at Target and then spent another hour trying the figure out how to do it.

What can I say, we are talkers. When you deal with more then one person you have to make sure everyone understands what you and explaining. That's one of the reasons we like to do it in and tell!

I will admit that one of my favorite things to do on Thursday is to check out what the other BCT bloggers did for the day. You'd be surprised how often our posts are close to each other. With them posts with a subject, we're often of the same thought. Joint reviews many times at least two of us a like minded, sometimes all three of us agree. Heck, on our clearing off the bookshelves or reading challenge I'm pretty sure at one time two of us picked the same author but different book to review.

Never a boring moment!

With this post we've done 202 post. Damn, we've been at it for a while. Each year we get better and better at it.

Here is a link to the first post we ever did. Boy, we have really changed. I think I need to look and share every first post of the year to see just how much we've progressed in the years.

You can really see who we matured starting January of 2016. We found a identity and started to really polish ourselves up. These past four years and have been so much fun. I'm really hoping that we can keep going another four years.   

I'd love to know if there is a theme post you'd all like to see next year? 

Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡

August 10th "Clearing Off the Bookshelves"


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