Review: His Command by Sophie H. Morgan

His Command
Playboy Genie #2
Sophie H. Morgan
St. Martin's Paperback/Swerve
July 25th
Pages: 300
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher via NetGalley

He's a genie. She's a mortal.

He's a flirt. She's definitely-certainly-absolutely done with charming men.
What happens when this playboy runs across the one woman who doesn't fall under his spell?
Magic of course.

Hailey has been given the chance of her career. All she has to do is plan and execute the perfect society wedding and she'll get the promotion she's been working towards. Too bad the groom is her ex-boyfriend. Ryder hates seeing a damsel in distress and with a little genie magic is determined to make the sexy Miss Hailey have a little bit of fun. All she has to do is follow his lead and she'll get everything she's ever wished for.

I am so glad that I found someone who writes about Genie's that I could love. I've really been enjoying the Playboy Genie series by Sophie H. Morgan. It seems like forever since I read a book with one in them, and now we have this enjoyable series. 

His Command is book two of the Playboy Genie series and I can almost say that I liked it even better then the first book, Her Wish, which I really enjoyed too. 

Ryder is truly a wonderful person/genie. He worries about how people feel and hates to see them sad. This story in is some ways really pulls at your heartstrings. Once you see all the sad past that Ryder, and his brother Leo (twin brothers, did I mention that?) had to deal with you won't be able to not feel for them. 

Ryder's not the only one with a past. I don't find Hailey's to be as sad though. Maybe that's because I think her ex is a jackass! I should say lazy jackass! It hard to feel bad for someone who is better off. 

One of the best parts of this story was learning the different layers of the hero & heroine. They both had depth to them. More then once I found myself think...that makes sense. Besides all the serious stuff going on in the book you will also find a ton of humor. More then once both Ryder and Hailey caused me to laugh. Their one lines are on point! 

Now all I want is to know who's story is next and when is it coming out? I couldn't find anything on the next book but that sometimes happens with ebooks. I hope soon we'll know. But until then you have enough time to be able to read book one and two and be caught up for when book three comes out! 

If you've read His Command or anything else by Sophie H. Morgan I'd love tho hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡

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  1. Oh I had been SO tempted by this one. Darn on passing it up. It does sound fantastic :)

    1. I have been really enjoying this series. Funny, with a great romance.

  2. Oh my! Thanks for sharing. I haven't read a djinn story in ages and I am going to try this one!


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