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Welcome back to Book Club Thursday!

Normally this week we'd be doing our 'Free Day' post but we thought we'd change it up a little. We are doing a guest post of another blog that's part of Book Club Thursday. My guest post is with The Many Faces of Romance

Welcome Karen from The Many Faces of Romance Blog thanks for being here with us today!

Romancing the Readers: When you are picking a book to either buy or review what attracts you to it?

The Many Faces of Romance: The blurb on the back has to catch me quickly after I get the first glimpse from the cover. I know what my favorite storylines are so I am looking for that cover/blurb package.

Romancing the Readers: What could make you put down without finishing it?

The Many Faces of Romance: If the pace is too slow or repetitive and continues that way for more than a few chapters, I will lose interest.

Romancing the Readers: Do you have a comfort read genre or author?

The Many Faces of Romance: Jayne Ann Krentz is my comfort read author in all her pseudonyms and genres.

Romancing the Readers: What type of book do you always pass on?

The Many Faces of Romance: I am all about the HEA and I read to enjoy and escape. I don't want to read something negative with gimmicky "twists" because the author wants to catch Hollywood's attention which a lot of mainstream fiction seems to be striving for.

To see the rest of the guest posts go to Born to Read Books & The Many Faces of Romance Feel free to answer any of the questions. We'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡

July 27th "Reading Challenge" 


  1. This was a fun week! We will have to do this again.

  2. Great answers. I agree slow paced reads are not a favorite of mine. Also if I know a book has a cliffhanger, I usually won't read it.

    1. I don't enjoy cliffhangers either unless I know its coming and already planned for more then one book within the story.


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