Review: Protected by Love by Jennifer Ryan

Protected By Love
Montana Heat #0.5
Jennifer Ryan
Avon Impulse
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher via NetGalley

It was more than another blind date . . .

It was DEA Agent Caden Cooke’s third chance to impress beautiful chef Mia Martin. He’d already stood her up twice, and was shocked she was even giving him another chance. For Caden, taking down the bad guys is important, but Mia’s made it clear there’s no excuse for his bad behavior. So he’s vowed to make it worth her while with an apology he’s cooked up just for her.

From the moment they meet, it’s clear this isn’t just another fix up. The sparks flying between them are undeniable; the tension is electric. Then, suddenly, the best moments of their lives turn treacherous when a drug dealer set on revenge puts their lives in danger. And Mia and Caden quickly realize they will do anything to protect the other—and live for the love neither of them expected

There is something about a story written by Jennifer Ryan. She has this ability to suck you in and keep you there. She writes such great hero's. You just want to know them. Each story I read of her's I fall a little bit more in love with her writing. 

I'm always excited when she starts a new series. All new hero's to love. Her stories are always hero driven. So sexy! 

In Protected by Love you meet Caden Cooke and Mia Martin. Two very likable characters. This is only a novella but you feel like their story is a full one. I finished the book very satisfied. I really loved Mia! The woman was kick ass. Probably one of Ryan's strongest women and that's saying a lot because her ladies go through a ton of crap. 

I also really liked Caden. He was so worried throughout about both his brother and Mia. I'd love to explain more but I don't want to ruin the story for you. Just know, that you won't be sorry reading it. 

Protected By Love is the perfect start to this new series and I can't wait for more.

If you've read Protected By Love or any other book by Jennifer Ryan I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡  

 Montana Heat Series

Out August 29th


  1. I haven't read this author before but this does sound like a good book.

    1. She's one of those authors that you either love or don't. I personally love her and read what ever she puts out!

  2. I loved it and its one of my favorites. I loved Mia and Caden. Nice review!

  3. I just can't wait to read this one here, I just read Escape To You and it was amazing!!! This author's writing is fantastic isn't it? I can never get enough, and I always can count on this author to deliver a great story.

    1. I'm so with you. She does a wonderful job with her hero's. You feel like that's just what they are...hero's! Her woman a great too. Strong!


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