Book Club Thursday: Remember When

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

Today is....

As always I have to really think about these post. I don't want you to feel like I've either recycled a topic or have one too close to something I already did. Of course I could post a old one and see how many people notice. I'm so bad in that way! :)

Well I don't think I've talked about this before but if I did forgive me. I've been working so much in my backyard redoing the landscape that I'm totally tired. 

So I was thinking about the days when my girlfriends and I would go used book shopping. We would all do this a lot.

Yes we wanted to find our favorite authors books, but it really was about so much more. It was about friendship, shared interests and the love of reading. 

Books is how we all started our friendship. We came together from our love of reading and stayed together because we are to lazy to find other friends. 

We'd get together early in the morning and sometimes have to drive a hour away just to hit some of the good used book stores. We'd talk the  whole way there about which books we needed while praying the others didn't need it too. We also talked about what we were reading at that moment or what we had just finished. 

More often then not we talked the whole way there about books. Hell, we've gone of road trips for six hours and spent most of it talking about books and the other time complaining about not being able to find a Starbucks. 

Often we'd be in the stores for hours only to come out with a few treasured books. It wasn't the amount that we found that drove us, it was the books themselves that we found that had us going. We all wanted to find that hard to find book that everyone was looking for, but no one could find. 

After a morning of shopping we'd go to lunch and rehash what we found and want we still needed. Of course these list were always being added too so we always had something to talk about. 

We did this for years and then we started to get caught up and found most of the ones we where looking for or publishers would start to republish the book. Then the used book stores and most of the brick and mortar stores started closing. 

Now we usually only know what each other is reading if we remember to ask, or we see it either on our blogs or Goodreads. 

I have to say, I really miss those days of the hunt for the missing book and lunch with friends. They were the perfect days! Now don't think because we no longer run around looking for books that we don't still have that common thread between us, because we do, we each have a blog as you know and we have these wonderful Thursday's that we share with each other and you! 

How about you, any book and reading stories with friends that you'd like to share? Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡

June 8th "Clearing Off the Bookshelves"


  1. I remember a trip when a certain someone (you) pushed a kneeling me over when I found a book that I didn't know we both had wanted. It was a playful nudge and we all know I'm a klutz anyway lol

  2. Ha! I miss those trips. New used books stores to find and new restaurants to eat at while we discussed...BOOKS! Now most of our favorite stores are gone and that is sad.

    1. It is very said. I really hate that they are no longer around.

  3. When I was first starting to read most of my friends weren't readers sadly. Changing that these days, though :)

    1. Good for you Anna! There is nothing worse then having no one in your group love what you love!

  4. Very true. These days the hunt is online. I buy all my books electronically now.

    Hi from Deanna from Deanna's World. Glad to visit as part of the Herding Cats Get Social event.

    1. Hi Denna! I buy some of mine online but I do add a paperback in once in a while to still be able to feel the book!

  5. Those seem like the best times! I would love to go used book shopping with some friends but most likely my mom... She's more of a reader than any of my friends. I've only been to one used book shop in an island. Amelia? Something with an A. It was so small but nice.
    Thanks for visiting #getsocial17

    1. I had a wonderful time going with my friends but visiting with my mom would have been fun too! When I worked as a bookseller she use to come in all the time and pick up books!


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