Review: The Untamed Vampire by Kate Baxter

The Untamed Vampire
Last True Vampire #4
Kate Baxter
St. Martin's Paperbacks
May 2nd

Chelle is not your typical vampire. Turned not with a bite but an age-old magic, she s the only one of her kind and more powerful than most. Still adjusting to her endless thirst and lethal fangs, she s desperate to discover what sets her apart. When she encounters a brutally virile alpha werewolf, she soon learns that she s not immune to the mating call and her own primal longing

The leader of the ancient Forkbeard pack, Gunnar is stunned by Chelle s lush beauty. The wild wolf inside him howls for her, but unions between vampire and werewolf are strictly taboo even if their clans weren t on the verge of war. Desire has never been so dangerous but, as a malevolent new power rises, Chelle and Gunnar face an even more frightening threat. Together, they might find a way to save their clans. But can they claim their passion, in The Untamed Vampire by Kate Baxter.

I don't read as many vampire romances as I use too. I think part of that is because in the past that's pretty much all I read. A few authors I really enjoy so I still read them. Baxter is one of them. I really enjoy her writing style and characters.

The Untamed Vampire is the 4th book in the Last True Vampire series. Each book in this series just gets better and better. 

Since Chelle had first been mentioned you really wanted to know what happened to her. The begining of her story plays out in a past book so I'd really read them in order. Then you finally know and oh boy...she's been through so much.

Who she is, is no longer. 

Kinda want to know, right? Well start reading! Believe me when I say that Chelle and of course Gunnar's story is the best one of the series. Or at least I think so. Of course I have said that about each book as they come out. I can't help it, they do keep getting better and better. 

We still don't know all that Chelle has become. I'm sure we might learn more in the future but to be honest it really doesn't matter. We learn quickly that Gunnar is perfect for her. She needs someone strong like him to balance what she is. 

Their story moves on the main thread (another reason to read them in order) of the series nicely. I'm glad it wasn't forgotten. I really can't wait to see what's next. The best part is I won't have long to wait, The Lost Vampire comes out on August first. 

If you've read The Untamed Vampire or any other book by Kate Baxter I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡

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