Review: Happy is The Bride by Lori Wilde, Cat Johnson, Kate Pearce & Janet Dailey

Happy is The Bride
by Lori Wilde, Cat Johnson, 
Kate Pearce & Janet Dailey
April 25th

1 Wedding, 
4 New York Times Bestselling Authors, 
5 Happily Ever Afters! 

Stirring up all the romance and excitement a bride could hope for--plus a healthy dose of unforeseen shenanigans--four of today's most dazzling bestselling authors deliver the wedding of the year, where there's something--and someone--for everyone. . . 

Opposites attract when a wealthy cattleman and a penniless artist decide to get hitched at a Texas dude ranch in tornado country--and the whirlwind festivities are as filled with surprises as their love

 . . . especially when the guest list includes: one pretty party crasher on a mission, a sheriff known as the One Night Stand King, and a workaholic event planner who definitely did not plan to fall for a laid back cowboy. Toss in a shocking behind-the-scenes bet, a fateful power outage, and a Man of Honor and a Best Woman determined to see the worst in each other (between hot kisses), plus thrilling lessons in love at first--and second--sight, and the celebrations are going to go all night long!

Lori Wilde

Cat Johnson

Kate Pearce

Janet Dailey

Man of Honor by Lori Wilde (Shane and Meg)

I love Lori Wilde's books. She always writes wonderful characters that you want to know more about. Man of Honor is such a good story. It starts everything off and sets a good tone for the stories to follow. You'll love how protective Shane and Meg are for their friends.

Getting Saddled by Cat Johnson (Tanner and Erin)

From the first book of Johnson's that I read I've enjoyed them. You'll enjoy Tanner & Erin's story. These two find love as they help set up the wedding. Great characters.

Taming the Sheriff by Kate Pearce (Nate and Della)

This in only the third book I've read of Pearce's but it won't be the last. I really enjoyed it. Their love story happened very quick but believable. This story for me was the most heartbreaking because of Della's life. Thankfully she had Nate there by her side.

The Wedding Bet by Janet Dailey (Linc and Tracy) 

Unfortunately I won't read Janet Dailey. I have the memory of a elephant.

Summary of the book:

As a whole I really enjoyed the three stories that I read. They nicely went together and I enjoyed them. This is the perfect weekend read! 

If you haven't yet read any of the these authors this is the perfect time to do so. The only story that is part of a series is Taming the Sheriff by Kate Pearce. It's part of her Morgan Ranch series. I'm sure after you read this you'll want to go and read them. 

If you've read Happy is the Bride or any other book by Wilde, Johnson or Pearce I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡


  1. OMG, my thoughts exactly for Dailey on principle! Otherwise I like all the other authors.


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