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Thanks for joining us this week. Usually we would be doing our Free Day post but we decided to mix it up. So, we interviewed each other. We’d love to hear any of your thoughts or comments about our replies, or pick your favorite question (s) and play along!

Name some authors that you miss and haven’t read in a while?

Romancing the Readers: Judith McNaught, Katherine Sutcliffe & Mary Lynn Baxter

Born to Read Books: I’m having trouble answering this but I will say that I miss romance books in general (I read less and less of it these days). A few weeks back I blogged about romance not feeling like romance anymore, and that I was missing the style/tone of my romances from years ago. I’m guessing my age is showing and that my tastes have changed some. 

The Many Faces of Romance: Mary Lynn Baxter, Christiane Heggen, Katherine Sutcliffe. And that's not counting some of my prolific favorites like Nora Roberts, Christine Feehan, Sandra Brown, Heather Graham, Lyndsay Sands, etc. etc. 

What do you enjoy most about writing a blog and what do you enjoy least?

Romancing the Readers: For me the most would be the community. I really enjoy sharing my thoughts about the books I read and hearing what others think too! For the least it’s writing the reviews themselves. I always worry about giving to much information, or not enough. Did I sound stupid, will anyone want to even read my review. You get the picture. 

Born to Read Books: I’d say sharing my love books with others is what I enjoy the most, especially if I can turn readers onto new authors. It works both ways because I’ve discovered new ones too. What I enjoy the least is sometimes I have trouble coming up with ideas for Book Club Thursdays. That, and trying to be tactful when I’m reviewing something I wasn’t crazy for. 

The Many Faces of Romance: What I love is sharing my thoughts on favorite books and the opportunity to discover new authors. Sometimes I hate writing reviews when I get the publicity material late. It's also a challenge to review and keep it fresh.

How did you get started with blogging?

Romancing the Readers: I signed up to be an Avon Addict and when I got picked I knew I’d need a format to share my reviews. I was and still am, such a rookie. I learn new ways to blog all the time and it took a while to find my blog voice but I’m happy with it. Best thing that ever happened to me. 

Born to Read Books: I started off in a way by toying with posting reviews on Goodreads (primarily) and Twitter and then it snowballed from there. I have to credit Romancing the Readers for my blogging as she was the first of us to hop on the blog train so to speak. She said jump and I said how high LOL? Plus much of what I’ve learned is from her input so MANY THANKS LOL Additionally I consistently work with Tasty Book Tours (very professional and easy to blog for) which makes things super fun. 

The Many Faces of Romance: I do believe a little birdie named Ann taught me about the blogging world.

What are you reading right now?

Romancing the Readers: Toughest Cowboy in Texas by Carolyn Brown

Born to Read Books: Nothing. I’m about to pick something new. I can hear you guys swearing at me since it seems I ALWAYS answer that but it’s the truth.

The Many Faces of Romance: WHITE HOT by Ilona Andrews, a husband and wife writing team.

Do you read other reviews on Goodreads, Amazon or other sites!

Romancing the Readers: Not until I read the book and review it. Never before. Often, I don’t want to hear anyone’s thoughts about the book before I read it. Yes, I’ve read books because someone told me how good it is but when I have a book I need to review and someone I know tells me it sucked, that makes it hard to read. 

Born to Read Books: Only if I’m on the fence about buying a book OR if I’ve disliked a book (and I mean REALLY) and want to know if it was just me. 

The Many Faces of Romance: Yes. I read a few reviews only after I have read the title first. I just like to see how people liked a story or why they may have disliked something. I also read a few if I hear of a new author I might like to try.

What is a pet peeve in the books you read (not grammar, or covers)?

Romancing the Readers: Oh boy, I would have to say unlikeable characters. Nothing worse than waiting for a book and hating the hero or heroine. Good characters can make up for bad writing.

Born to Read Books: Descriptive content. Honestly, it’s pretty petty stuff (a few examples) – a delicate/petite size 0/2/4 (you get me) heroine IS NOT GOING TO BE “CURVY”. Also, most women that I know with thick hair DO NOT HAVE SOFT SILKEN TRESSES. I’ll stop while I’m ahead. Told ya- petty LOL

The Many Faces of Romance: Heroines who are doormats and don't grow-heroes who are verbally and emotionally cruel to the heroine and the author doesn't really redeem them or explain the behavior sufficiently. If you don't like the main characters, what's the point?

Who are 5 authors that you would like to sit down and have dinner with? 

Romancing the Readers: Julie Garwood, Shelly Laurenston, Jennifer Ashley, Catherine Coulter & Jill Shalvis

Born to Read Books: LOVE THIS QUESTION. My dinner party would be very interesting I think to say the least – and I took a few liberties. 
Jackie Collins (I know she’s dead but since you didn’t specify LOL) 
Stephen King (how could you not!) 
Judy Blume (ah, memories of my childhood) 
Kresley Cole (writes one of my favorite series ever)
Charles Schultz (again, dead I know, but he write the first comic strips I ever read) 

The Many Faces of Romance: Jayne Ann Krentz- my favorite comfort read author
Julie Garwood
Sharon Sala- She and I are never at RT conventions at the same time!
Cherry Adair- She's a storyteller and so funny
Shelly Laurenston- OMG I would probably drop ten pounds from laughing if she and Adair got together

What inspired your blog name?

Romancing the Readers: I wanted something that would reflect my love for reading romance and the readers that I thought my blog would work for. I would say naming your blog is very personal for a blogger. I love my blog name but after I named it heard a few that were so good! 

Born to Read Books: I joke that it feels like I was born with a book in my hands. I pretty much ALWAYS have a book with me. You never know when you can sneak in a few pages. I’ll also read ANYTHING if it appeals to me.

The Many Faces of Romance: The different genres and sub genres in romance. The what I was trying to convey in my blog name-The Many Faces

Right now, which genre do you seem to be reading most? (small town, rom. suspense, etc)

Romancing the Readers: I would have to say small town. I just love them. I don’t read as many suspense as I used to. I still have a few favorite author’s that I keep up on though.

Born to Read Books: Probably general fiction with a side of romance. 

The Many Faces of Romance: Contemporary small town romances

Do you remember the first romance you read, name it? If not exactly, one of the earliest.

Romancing the Readers: I don’t. I was so young but I do remember the first one I read after a long hiatus, Mistress by Amanda Quick. A friend of mine told me about it and gave me the book to try. I never looked back. 

Born to Read Books: Nope. But it was probably one of those teen ones from Silhouette that used actual staged photos of teens on the covers. 

The Many Faces of Romance: INDIA ALLEN by Frank Yerby

How do you read? Music/TV? Drink? Snacks? Feet up? You get the idea?

Romancing the Readers: I usually have a TV going. I like to be able to hear noise while I read. No clue why. 

Born to Read Books: I’m usually in my comfy chair with my feet up with low volume noise either from music or the TV with a Starbucks at my side if I’m lucky. I usually pass on snacks- I can be messy- don’t want Cheetos prints on my pages! LOL 

The Many Faces of Romance: I curl up on the couch with something to drink and the television on in the background.

Do you find that you read more now that you review for your blog or less?

Romancing the Readers: I think I do. Even though I might read and review more I read less of the authors that I used to love and more new ones because they have more books up for review. 

Born to Read Books: Truthfully, I don’t know - I’m really careful about what I accept as an ARC (advanced reading copy) from any tour groups, Netgalley, or the like. I’m very, ahem, flighty with my reading, so perhaps I could say I go thru spurts. Sometimes I read quite a bit, others not so much. But I do read every day. 

The Many Faces of Romance: I read about the same amount, but I read less of the books that I buy for myself.

Paper or Plastic? Lol. Meaning paper books or e reader

Romancing the Readers: I love paper but I do use my ereader a lot for reviews. 

Born to Read Books: Paper. I get all the reasons behind plastic but ... I love the feel of paper. Plus you really can’t smell plastic- YUCK. 

The Many Faces of Romance: Paper!!!

What is something that totally frustrates you about blogging?

Romancing the Readers: Not being able to attract more followers and not being able to get the followers I have to speak up more and get involved. It feels personal even though it really isn’t. Ha! 

Born to Read Books: Simply put – technology. Formatting is a bitch sometimes. I know sometimes my posts are…off…but if I can’t troubleshoot my issue in 30, I give up. 

The Many Faces of Romance: Getting readers to comment.

About how many books do you read in a year?

Romancing the Readers: I read about 150, give or take. I used to read much more than that but I have found that the older I get the slower I read. 

Born to Read Books: That’s a tough one. I probably read between one and three books each week depending on life. Math is not my strong suit believe me so I won’t even attempt a correct answer.LOL 

The Many Faces of Romance: I read 150+ books. I didn't quite reach my goal of 180 last year, but I am on track so far this year.

May 25th "Reading Challenge"


  1. I see we were all on similar thought patterns at times. This was so fun

    1. They are very close! One of the reasons we are all friends!

  2. Fun theme this week. Were we three close on some of these questions or what? LOL

    1. It was funny how close we were on some of the answers. Great minds!


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