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Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

Today we are doing our...

For some reason I couldn't for the life of me come up with something to talk about today. Normally I have my posts done a month or two in advance, not lately. 

So I was cleaning the house not really thinking about my blog, but at the same time reminding myself that I really had to do my post for tomorrow when it hit me... love for reading!

I'm one of those lucky people who can say that my love for reading was passed down from my aunt. She loved to read and I was lucky enough to bond with her over that. Of course when I started reading I didn't read the same genre that I read now. Before I read more general fiction, now I'm all romance all the way. 

I think some of my best memories that happened in my life is because of this. Like when I enjoyed talking with my aunt about the books we both enjoyed. I will always cherish those moments. Are when my sister and I would stay up all summer night reading in our beds, one book after another. 

I can remember when I read to my daughter and encouraged her to read. I loved reading with my daughter. She was always so happy when learning about the characters. 

She was in many reading programs, like where you read so many books and get a personal pizza. Motive for many books read. As my daughter grew up she continued to read. Not as much as when she was young, but she still tries to fit in a few books a year. Her taste in reading aren't the same as mine, but our love for books keep us talking about them. 

I was also able to meet my two BFF's because of books. While working at a bookstore I met them and we the three of us had our love for romance books in common. and our friendship grew from there. Now we have many other things in common not just the books, but are loving for reading will always draw and keep us together. Love you guys! 

I also share my love for reading romance novels with my niece. I wasn't able to encourage my daughter to read them, but I found that my niece loves them. I enjoy sharing with her my favorite books and characters. We also have so much to talk about. I still to this day pass on my books so that she can read them. 

I guess my sharing books with my niece came full circle from my aunt encouraging me to read. Like I said, so many great memories. I'd love to hear about how you got started reading. Who encouraged you to read? Share you wonderful stories! 

Thanks for visiting with me and happy reading! ♡

April 13th "Clearing off the Bookshelves"


  1. I love that. Your aunt got you into romance, and you (as an aunt) did the same for your niece!

  2. I love that. Your aunt got you into romance, and you (as an aunt) did the same for your niece!

  3. Great post! An aunt and niece share the love for reading thru 3 generations! Lots of good memories for you.

  4. Oh that's fun that it started with your aunt and now you're passing that down :)


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