Review: Love, Always & Forever by Alexis Morgan

Love, Always & Forever
Sergeant Joe's Boys #3
Alexis Morgan
March 14th

As a child, Mikhail Wanjek couldn't save his drug-addled mother; as a young man, he left a promising military career because he couldn't defend the innocent victims of war. When Mikhail's feeling like a failure, not even the love of his adoptive parents and loyal brothers can console him. But after he volunteers to help his beautiful brunette neighbor install a fence around her yard, Mikhail begins to heal. He wants to shield her pure, unabashed lust for life from the darkness—including his own.

Successful heart surgery has allowed Amy Short to finally set out on her own, apart from her loving but overprotective family. Now she's experiencing new thrills with the chiseled fireman next door, from riding on the back of Mikhail's Harley to late nights full of passion. Still, he refuses to open up emotionally, and with Amy's history, she's not willing to wait around for Mikhail to change. What she needs to do is show him that together they can build something that will last forever.

As a whole I really enjoy most of what I read. I'm lucky that way, or maybe it's just that I only read what I like. Either way I'm lucky, right? I point that out because I can honestly say that I've really enjoyed reading Alexis Morgan's paranormal's and yes I like her contemporaries too, just not as much. 

Believe me when I say this, if you haven't yet read her paranormal's, do so. They are so good. Anyway, back to the reason we are here. A review of Love, Always & Forever. This is the third book in the Sergeant Joe's Boys. 

Like I pointed out Morgan's paranormal's are my favorite but this series is a very, very close second. From the first book, Always: For You Jack I've been hooked. The whole idea of the series appealed to me. I like the idea that all three boys are adopted and how much they love and respect their adopted parents. I'm glad that the author didn't make each story of Joe's boys journeys, into the same thing. 

You'll find each story has a common thread but can stand on it's own. Yes, because of that common thread you will find each of the boys willing to help those in need but you'll also see their struggles. It's a beautiful blend. 

In this last story it's Mikhail's turn. He had such a fun time watching each of his brothers fall under the spell of love. Now it's his turn and those same brothers are having the time of their lives. I did too. It was so much fun reading this story. I think that Morgan picked the perfect person for Mikhail. He needs someone tough, but also someone that needs him to be there for them when they do need that helping hand. 

Once a hero, always a hero. 

Amy is that perfect mix. She's strong, much stronger then those around her give her credit for being. She always knows just how to make Mikhail feel good about himself. I really loved these two together and in fact they are my favorite couple of the series and that's saying something since I really like this series.   

In Love, Always & Forever you meet Amy's family which includes some single brothers. Can we all say new series? We will have to wait and see. 

For those who's already read the first two books not to worry old favorites from those books are in this one, plus besides her brothers we also meet Panda & Sarge. You'll love them! I can't say enough about this great series. Read it! 

If you've read Love, Always & Forever or any other book by Alexis Morgan I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡

Here's the first two books in the series. 


  1. I enjoyed the first two books, it's nice to know that book three continues this great series. Nice review!


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