Review; Face the Flames by Jo Davis

Face the Flames 
Sugarland Blue #6
Jo Davis 
March 7th
Berkley Books

A near-fatal accident left firefighter/paramedic Clay Montana with devastating injuries. Now, after a year-long recovery, Clay is focused on one thing: getting his body back to form, so he can return to the job he loves. And then a chance meeting with a fiery redhead changes his life...

Detective Melissa Ryan may be the new cop on the block, but she s no stranger to Sugarland. It s where she lived with her violent, criminal uncle a man she needs to see behind bars. But when she meets Clay at a crime scene, the down-but-far-from-out firefighter makes her rethink her priorities.

Getting close to Clay is intoxicating, but Melissa must keep her wits about her if she s to protect them from a man with deadly intentions.

It seems like I've been waiting a long time for this book. Mostly because it has been a while. We were all shocked when Davis had Clay getting hurt and we weren't sure if she was going to kill off this character. 

Each book that came after the crash we waited to hear news about clay. Was he going to make it? Was this the end of poor clay? 

I'm happy to say, and you can tell by the fact that he got his own story, that Clay didn't only make it, he rallied back to the living. I can't tell you how happy I am of that fact. He was always a good character that you wanted to know more about. 

I think Davis decision to leave him up in arms add to the anticipation of his story. It was like you stood next to him, waiting and worrying. 

The other wonderful part of this story, besides the fact that Clay is doing well is the fact that it brought both of the The Firefighters of Station Five & Sugarland Blue series together. I'm so glad we got to visit with everyone. 

Because of Clay going through so much he needed someone special to be his partner, in life that is, and he found that in Melissa. I was worried that he wouldn't find anyone that could be perfect for him, but I didn't need to. 

Melissa has some of her own issues, a killer family is on the top of that list. But even with all that she does a wonderful job of keeping her life on a good path. She works very hard at it. I loved both of these two characters and really enjoyed reading their story. I can't tell you how happy I am that they are both happy and healthy. 

As much as I enjoyed this story, and I did very much I did have a few slight issues. One big one was the fact that it seemed that every other second Clay was or Melissa was in the hospital. Really, like after all Clay had been through they would have let this happen, or should I say keep happening. I'm not saying any of it was his fault, it was just a little over the top. 

Other then that one bigger issue for me the rest didn't take away from the story. It's very much a good story, and if you've been waiting for Clay's story I promise you'll be happy. I would tell you that I think and this is only my opinion, I'd read both series from the beginning to really enjoy this one. Knowing the characters from the other book will give you a better idea of who everyone is. They are all so good that I know you'll breeze right through them. 

If you've read Face the Flames or any other book by Jo Davis I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡ 


  1. Yas!! I had been dying for his book. I was so glad to finally see it. Ha! on them both being in the hospital all the time. No joke! I was like come on give em a break! lol I liked seeing both teams, too. That was such a treat :)

    1. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought that way. Love her books even though.

  2. I can't wait to read this. I love these guys.

    1. I love them too! You'll really like this story and it seems like we've been waiting forever for it!


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