Review: After the Dark by Cynthia Eden

After The Dark
Killer Instinct #1
Cynthia Eden
HQN Books

Former FBI agent Samantha Dark was one of the most respected profilers in the bureau, an expert on the twisted minds and dark hearts of the most depraved criminals. But when her own former lover turned out to be the serial killer she was hunting, Samantha’s career was destroyed. Blamed for the FBI’s failure on the complex case, Samantha fled Washington, DC, for the quiet anonymity of Alabama.

Now an all-too-familiar killer is hunting once again. She can catch the sadistic assassin, but that means putting her trust in her former partner, Blake Gamble. Ex-military, Blake is tough, protective, precise. With her entire life on the brink, she knows he wants her back in the FBI…and possibly more.

But someone else wants her, too. A threat is waiting in the dark, a killer who has set his sights on the ultimate trophy victim—Samantha.

There is just something about a book written by Cynthia Eden. She has this way of grabbing you and taking you on a wonderful ride. Eden's one of those authors that I never get enough of. The good news is her writing speed is monster fast so you'll never run out of something new to read. 

One of the things I really love about her books is that her hero's are always such great guys that don't play games. They aren't the type that encourage sex while explaining why they don't do relationships, They might not jump into something, but they also don't back down. 

Eden is starting a new series, Killer Instinct. There is a prequel called The Gathering Dusk that I'd read first before starting After the Dark. It introduces the main characters from After the Dark. 

I enjoyed both Samantha and Blake. They worked well together. Plus Blake really cared about Sam and wanted to always be there for her. 

After the Dark is a very fast moving story that jumps right into the good stuff. I was almost shocked when I realized I was done with the book. That's how fast it moved. 

I felt for poor Sam, it really hurt her to find out that her friend and ex-lover was such a bad person. No one wants to miss that, especially a profiler for the FBI. But life happens and you deal with it. 

I really can't wait to see what else happens with this series. This is turning out to be a great series! 

If you've read After the Dark or any other book by Cynthia Eden I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡

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  1. I was just talking with a friend about her books. I've yet to read them but do want to. Love that they don't play games.

  2. I read this awhile ago. I've got to get my review up too. I really liked it and without a doubt one needs to read the prequel novella first

  3. I do admire this author so much too and you are write, she writes some wonderful heroes. Glad you enjoyed this one.

    1. That she does. I love them. Her books always draw me in.

  4. I always love her books-suspense or paranormal. Nice review.


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