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I was thinking about what I would do for this months Remember When, when it hit me! I love when ideas come to you that way. One second you have no clue what you'll do and then...bam! It came to me. I'd love to talk to you about the fact that RT Book Reviews aka Romance Times Book Reviews, is no longer in print. 

I can still remember the moment I found out it wasn't going to be in print anymore. It really hurt. For more the 15 years I've been getting them monthly and in fact most likely have all the ones I've bought for the past 15 years plus, still. 

I know we live in the digital age but for somethings it doesn't work and for this is one of them.

Maybe in a few year when all the older crowd is not longer around it will, but for now I'm not to sure. I know that I'm in no way happy about it. In fact I barley remember to go there now to check out reviews. To many windows to open just to get a review. Plus with the the hard copy (print) I used to make notes about what books I'm buying and so on. 

Can't do the on a digital copy. Now don't get me wrong I can still make notes on a piece of paper but it's not the same. 

With the print copy I didn't have to remember a password. And believe me I'm good at forgetting them. 

I know for many RT Book Reviews going digital only isn't a big deal, for me it was. It worries me that soon I won't be reading it at all. A very sad moment indeed. 

Question for you, do you read RT Book Reviews? If so did you read it in print or did you start when it became digital? 

Thanks for visiting with me and happy reading! ♡

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  1. I almost blogged about this today too! But didn't because I wouldn't have been as nice as your post was. I hate the new format. I want the print copy back and dare I say this, I'd probably pay a higher price for one! Lol

  2. I miss them too! I don't even bother with the digital after having problems with password. What a pain! I even remember the scent of them when they were brand new and I loved marking my lists for each genre, what I wanted and what I bought and I have my copies in zippered cases to protect them. Thanks for the memories!

    1. Now I miss them even more. I too remember how they smelled. I don't have a issue getting on but I don't care for the format.


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