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Alone With You 
Kowalski Family #6.5
Shannon Stacey
When waitress Darcy Vaughan’s friend asks her to help out with the launch of a fledgling restaurant, she’s happy to oblige. Little does she know the owner is Jake Holland, the perfect guy who slipped through her fingers after their one night of passion. But for Darcy and Jake, one touch was just not enough.

One of my personal catch up authors this year is Shannon Stacey she has a new Kowalski Family book and I really need to get caught up. Or at least I'm really trying to do so. Alone With You is about Darcy & Jake. They themselves aren't Kowalski's but friends. 

I didn't really need to read this to keep up with this series but I hate reading out of order, so...

I'm glad I did read it. I really enjoyed both Darcy & Jake. They were fun characters that kept you reading their story. I also really wanted a "big ass steak" by the time I was done with this story. We both know you're now interested in what's that about. 

Then you should read the story, it's a quickie. When I started it I didn't realize it was only about 60 pages or so. But will say it didn't feel that short. 

If you haven't read this author you don't know what you're missing. She's really good, her stories are funny and well-written. I'm going to enjoy reading more of her books. One day I'll be caught up. 

If you've read Alone With You or any other book by Shannon Stacey I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡

On March 16th for "Free Day"


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