Review & Giveaway: So Right by Darcy Burke

Kelsey McDade realizes that her love life is one and done. Her last—and only—relationship left her broken and afraid and more than ready to be alone for the long haul. But sexy-charming vineyard manager Luke Westcott pushes all of her buttons in the right way and makes her wonder if she ought to try again.

In nearly twenty-eight years, Luke’s most successful romance has been with the outdoors. Currently single, he’s happy to pour all of his energy into his new winery until Kelsey provokes feelings he didn’t know he was capable of. He can envision their future together—if she’ll let down her guard.

When the ghost of Kelsey’s past causes her to slam on the brakes, Luke is ready to fight for her, even if it means sacrificing himself in the process. Convinced she’s only made wrong choices in the past, Kelsey must decide if Luke—and their love—is worth the greatest risk of all.

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Burke is one of those authors that I both love and hate...their books! Thought I was talking about her didn't you? Not! She has a way of making me want to scream when I read her books. I also can't get enough of them. 

When I read her books I'm just pulled from one emotion to another. Total roller coaster ride. 

I'm really enjoying her Love on the Vine series. Up this time is Luke. He's a wonderful character that you really get to know in his book. You find that there is more to him the the free loving, hard playing...

He's really more down to earth. He loves his vines and pumpkins. Read the story to learn about them. I know, I'm a tease. I really enjoyed him. 

I also enjoyed Kelsey...most of the time. I really feel for what she dealt with in her past, another thing I won't talk about, but sometimes she was so hard on Luke. Always changing her mind every second. And this is the part that makes me love Burke's books, I understood what she felt but I also know how Luke felt. I was so conflicted!!!!

By the end of the book all was well. Are you really shocked? It is a romance after all. Now all you that follow me will know that I like to read my series in order. The Love on the Vine series follows the Ribbon Ridge series. In fact, one of the men that own the vineyard story is from the Ribbon Ridge series. 

I'm going to break my own rule here and say you don't need to read the Ribbon Ridge series to read the Love on the Vine series. Of course, I would but that's just me. Plus that series was very, very, good! I would read the Love on the Vine series in order though. It will make So Right more enjoyable. 

If you've read So Right, or any other book by Darcy Burke I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting with me and happy reading! 💓 

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Darcy Burke is the USA Today Bestselling Author of hot, action-packed historical and sexy, emotional contemporary romance. A native Oregonian, Darcy lives on the edge of wine country with her guitar-strumming husband, their two hilarious kids who seem to have inherited the writing gene, and three Bengal cats. Visit Darcy online at and sign up for her newsletter, follow her on Twitter at, or like her Facebook page,

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