Book Club Thursday: Remember When

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! 

Today we are doing...

So what's this month talk about cartoon covers. Do you remember them? I do. Back in the early 2000's there were all the rage. Let me show you a few. It wasn't easy to remember who had them. Ha! 

I really loved Trish Jensen books. Its so sad that she past. She is missed! 

Another author that I enjoyed but hasn't been around for a while. 

Her books were always so funny. She no longer writes under this name anymore which I feel is sad. 

So what do you think about cartoon covers? Like them? Hate them? Don't care one way or another? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! 💓

2/9/17 Clearing Off the Bookshelves


  1. I really like and still do like those types of covers, especially if it fits the books usually romances that were lighter or more humorous

  2. I always liked them. Don't you have a cover-flat of the original Kerrilyn Sparks? I always wish that they used that one.

  3. I've not tried any of them but oh I have a lot of this type of cover from Lori Foster and Rachel Gibson and the like. lol


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