A Blast From the Past!

The Lion's Woman
Kaitlyn O'Connor

When Kelly Scott rescues a stranger from the gang that has chosen him as prey, she discovers Tau is unlike any man she has ever known.

It's that time again, I'm doing one of my a blast from the past post. I like doing there because they make me remember what I liked or didn't like about the book.It's been a while but  I can still remember picking up my first O'Connor at a RT Convention. I had never tried her and the only thing I knew about her books was that they were slightly sexy! 

The Lion's Woman is only about 170 pages so it's not a really long story but it does pack a punch in it. I very much enjoyed it. Because it's so short the author really had to make you believe that the characters, Tau & Kelly are really falling in love with each other. 

She does a wonderful job at that. Even with the characters not ready to fall in love. Hell, they don't even like each other. 

If you haven't read O'Connor before you really should give her a try. Her books might be a little out there and sexy but they always have a great story. 

If you've read Lion's Woman or any other book by Kaitlyn O'Connor I'd love to here your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! 💓


  1. I remember you talking about her. Does she write cyborg stories too?

  2. I have never heard of this author but you have definitely left me intrigued by this one.


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