Review: Triple Six by Erica Spindler

Triple Six 
The Lightkeepers #2
Erica Spindler

Detectives Micki Dare and Zach Harris are back in TRIPLE SIX, their second adventure in Erica Spindler’s supernatural thriller series The Lightkeepers.

It's been three months since that night - the night that Micki almost died. Physically, she's healed but the nightmares remain, and she can't shake the feeling that more happened that night than Zach is telling her. The only thing she can do is try to carry on as normal and solve the latest case she and Zach have been assigned to.

A string of brutal home invasions are rocking New Orleans and the families targeted seemingly have nothing in common. Why were these victims chosen? The deeper Micki and Zach go into the case, the more they realize something isn't right. There's something . . . familiar about the person doing this - and it's a familiarity Micki has been trying to forget. Suddenly, this case is hitting too close to home and Micki has to decide if she really wants to learn the truth about that night . . .

There are very few authors that I continue to read now that they don't write romance. Erica Spindle is one of those few. She has the ability to write a story that's blended with a mix of romantic elements and great suspense. She now added paranormal's in to the mix. 

Triple Six starts up months after The Final Seven, with just as much action as the first one. Micki is dealing with almost losing her life in their last case along with still trying to deal with Zach's abilities. I believe that Triple Six is even better then The Final Seven. Crazy I know! I would read them in order to truly get the full picture of this series. 

You'll love the interaction between Micki and Zach. They are like vinegar and oil that turns into a great dressing with a lot of work. I know that for me they keep me on my toes with their blend of humor and straight laced attitude.

Triple Six is the perfect weekend read where you want to lose yourself in a good story. You won't want to put it down until you know what's going on with the home invasions and Spindler does a great job of keeping you lost in the story till the very end. 

I really want more of this series and want what ever comes next! 

If you've read Triple Six or any other book by Erica Spindler I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! 


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