Review: Hers to Heal by Vonnie Davis

Hers to Heal
Black Eagle Ops #2
Vonnie Davis

Navy SEAL Reece Browning sacrificed body and soul in the line of duty. He survived torture at the hands of America’s enemies, but lost his career and his voice in the process. Traumatized and desperate to get his PTSD under control, Reece escapes to Eagle Ridge Ranch. Under the big Texas sky, he finds peace, a renewed sense of purpose—and a woman who makes him feel like a man again. Her smile lights up his dark days, and her caress helps him forget the night terrors.

Ex-Marine Gina Wilson also bears painful scars: emotional wounds inflicted by men she once trusted with her life. She has fought hard to overcome her demons and build a good life for her daughter, and Reece is too intense, too damaged, too raw to let into her heart. Yet she’s drawn irresistibly to his steely gaze and heated embrace. No one else understands what it’s like to suffer in silence. And when Gina’s daughter is threatened, it’s Reece who risks everything to save the day.

If you haven't yet read a book by Vonnie Davis you don't know what you are missing. I really love her writing. She has a way of making her characters pop right off the page and in the room with you. 

For the most part I really enjoyed Hers to Heal, I did have a few issues with the story and I will talk about them at the end of this review after the spoiler note. Hers to Heal is book two of Davis' Black Eagle Ops. You met Reece in the prior book and knew his story was coming soon. I really loved him and felt so bad for what he was going through. My heart just broke for this strong, loving man. 

I'm so glad that he found someone like Gina and her daughter piper. I love piper she's so cute and funny and really gave Reece something to live for. Gina at times....she's more in the spoiler note. 

You'll really enjoy all the characters in this series and want to know more about them. I love the way they all interact with each other and are there for them. You'll find yourself laughing more then once in this book. Most of the time it has to do with the words and actions of piper. 

I really love her!!!

Spoiler Note....

For the most part I enjoyed all the characters but at times Gina pissed me off. I understand that she has a few issues due to what she had to go through.(I'm doing only the spoilers I want to give away, for the rest read the story) but at times it was just to much. 

On the other hand what happens at the end of the book I'm totally with her, if the man I loved but my child in danger without telling me I'll KILL HIM! there would be no feeling bad for how I reacted. I also didn't get how everyone, mostly Clint thought that it was okay to belittle her feelings. I really liked him till that moment. I will admit that for me if I was living this there would be no happy ending. I would have walked away from people who thought that endangering my daughter was okay. 

If you've read, Hers to Heal or any other book by Vonnie Davis I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! 


  1. Sounds like you enjoyed the book and LOVED Piper. 😊

  2. She is a good writer and I like her books. I just finished a story in one of her other series. Nice review.

  3. I am pretty excited to read this one, I loved the first book so much. And the hero sounds just wonderful in this one.

  4. Hmmm it might depend on the type of endangerment. You have me curious on this one but I'll be prepared for some iffy bits.


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