Review: The Christmas Tree by Allyson Charles

The Christmas Tree
A Pineville Romance #2
Allyson Charles
Lyrical Shine

Sadie Wilson doesn’t think Christmas can get any worse. Her real estate staging business is going under, the house she inherited is a wreck, and she was just arrested for driving while texting. Then she learns that she’s sentenced to one week of community service decorating the town’s Christmas tree for the annual lighting ceremony – with the man whose truck she destroyed.

Colt McCoy has a contractor’s business to run. He doesn’t have time for forty hours of stringing tinsel, especially not with the uptight princess who totaled the truck his brother left to him. Between a Grinch stealing Christmas decorations, a father he just can’t please, and unwanted lessons on the art of tree decorating from the fastidious yet sexy Sadie, Colt is ready for this holiday to be over.

As Sadie and Colt work together, tempers flare…and sparks fly. This Christmas just might remind these two that the best gifts are found under The Christmas Tree.

I'm really enjoying visiting in Pineville. It seems like a really cute town to visit or live in. I'm a huge fan of small town romances and this series fits the bill perfectly. You'll both love had hate the closeness of everyone (your business is everyone's business 😊)

This is the second book and in the series and I'm already waiting for the next one. I really love Charles' writing. She blends happiness and heartbreak well.

The whole idea of these two having work together after the Judge (love him) community service is a the perfect holiday story. I can see it on the Hallmark Channel. And just like movies on the Hallmark Channel this isn't going smoothly.

Right away my first thought of Colt is WHAT A DICK! I'm not kidding you, that's what I thought. I figured there was no way in hell that the author would be able to turn him into hero material. I was so wrong. As the story unfolds you learn more and more about him and who he is.


Now Sadie I liked right away. For the most part she's a great character but there are times I wanted to slap her upside the help. The woman more then once refused to see what was right in front of her face. I'd love to say more but don't want to ruin it for you.

I think you'll love their stroll down romance lane. You really want both Colt and Sadie to find happiness. Add is the Christmas theme and this is a big hit with me!

Now I'm a big fan on reading series in order but I will admit that this one did have much to do with the first one other then the Judge. It can be totally read on its own, why you would I do know because Putting Out Old Flames is really good! Now all I have to do is wait for Why Did It Have to Be You? which comes out in May of 2017. A long wait for those of us that have read The Christmas Tree. You guys get it, right?

If you've read The Christmas Tree or anything else by Allyson Charles I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading!


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