Review: 'Tis the Season by Jennifer Gracen

'Tis the Season
The Harrisons #3
Jennifer Gracen
Zebra Shout

As the eldest son of the illustrious Harrison clan, Charles Harrison the III has always done the right thing. With his family’s legacy to uphold, he can’t afford a scandal, even if temptation is living right under his roof. His well-publicized divorce was a disgrace, so Charles is sure an affair with his bewitching nanny would bring his family even more infamy. And yet, he can’t resist the alluring Lisette . . .

With her usually reserved boss sending her heated looks, Lisette Gardner is in a bind. The nurturing nanny has always loved the eldest Harrison from a distance. But coming from a vastly different world, with a painful past that still haunts her, Lisette is determined to resist Charles’s advances. Because Lisette can accept nothing less than forever with Charles . . . and forever might be too much to hope for with the reigning prince of the Harrison clan.

Jennifer Gracen is a newer author to me. 'Tis the Season is only the second book I've read of hers. I can tell you that it won't be the last.

I really couldn't wait for Charles Harrison's story. He was so much like his father that you couldn't see him as hero material. I think it was the first time I've ever couldn't wait for a book because I thought it was going to fail.

I mean, he acts like a dick in the book that I read before this one, so....He might have acted much different in the first book but since I didn't read it I have no clue how he acted and could only go by his actions in the second book.

I'm happy to report that you will not only like him, you'll love him in 'Tis the Season. The real Charles is such a great, sweet and loving man. I really enjoyed him.

After he turns forty he decides its time to change who he is. He didn't want to be like his father. That's when his relationship with Lisette starts.

My feelings for Lisette are complicated. I like her and think she's a good person but I also don't like how she can't seem to get over this "your rich and I'm not". I get that there is more to it then that, but at times I got tired of the way she thought.

At times it felt like it took over the story. Other then that, I enjoyed the story. It's good to see Charles grow and find love with his children and family. By the end of the story you'll be happy with how it ends. Because of the title I thought that the story would be more based at the holidays but really it started right before Halloween and skimmed through Christmas. 

There is only one more Harrison who's story you'll want. Their sister Tess. No clue if there will be a story for her. My fingers are crossed. 

If you've read 'Tis the Season or any other book by Jennifer Gracen I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! 

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