Review: Guardian's Mate by Jennifer Ashley

Guardian's Mate
Shifters Unbound #9
Jennifer Ashley
Berkley Romance
September 6th

No woman has ever been chosen to be Guardian–until Rae, foster daughter of the Montana Shiftertown leader, attends a Choosing, and is picked by the Goddess to take up the slain Guardian’s sword. Zander Moncrieff, a polar bear and a Shifter healer, is assigned the job of training Rae in swordsmanship and how to deal with her new powers.

The last thing Zander wants is the peace of his Arctic existence disturbed by a female Guardian who doesn’t know what she’d doing, but those are the breaks, when you’re one of the only Goddess-touched Shifters around who can do the job.


Let me start off with...OMG!

And again...OMG!

I would do nothing but OMG throughout the whole review if I could. I'm guessing you all know how I felt about Guardian's Mate. But just in case you missed it...


I really enjoy a lot of the books I read. More often then not I really like them, how else could I keep reading the genre I've picked without enjoying them. But once in a while a book falls in my lap that slaps me in the face.

Maybe I enjoyed this one so much because I might have read something before that wasn't as good. Sorry, that wasn't the case. Yes I already love her work as a author, but even with loving her work most of the time I only give her books four stars. Guardian's Mate is a five star book for me. 

What's really shocking is that I don't often give them. I just couldn't not give it five stars. I enjoyed it that much. 

You already get to know Zander in prior books. I don't know about you but I couldn't wait for his story (love me a bear). I knew it was going to be something special but...OMG! As you learned a little more about him in each book I wasn't sure who would be his perfect mate. She would have to be very special. 

Rae is that woman. 

I really loved her and I don't often say that about my heroines. She is so caring and sweet that her niceness hurts you a little. She's perfect for Zander. Deep down he's sweet too!. A little crazy but we forgive him for that. They get each other and did from the second they met. 

So much happens in this story. At first I was a little worried that I would be bored with this book, I just couldn't figure out how entertaining the story would be with Zander and Rae just sitting on a boat learning her craft. I was wrong to doubt Ashley and her ability to write a great story. The whole story is action packed with laugh-out-loud humor. It's the type of book that grabs you by the short hairs and keeps you there. 

In a way it takes a different turn from the beginning books, but really if you think about it, it's heading just where it needs to head. It seems to me that the hidden build up from each story brings you to this book. I do know one thing, It's going to be killer waiting for the next book so we can know what happens next. I can't wait, Red Wolf is out in May 2017. 

To really enjoy this series please read the books in order. You'll know why when you do. Each book is very easy to read so it shouldn't be that hard to get through them. 

Once again, OMG!!!!!

If you've read Guardian's Mate or any other book by Jennifer Ashley I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! 


  1. OMG, fun review! And I am behind, dammit. :(

    1. You need to get caught up. This one is so good and the story line is making some big changes. OMG!!!

  2. LOL it was a fantastic book :) And a great heroine. I'm glad it was so OMG for you :)

    1. I so enjoyed it. The book and mood all worked together to make a good book. Didn't hurt that he's a bear!


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