Review: Montana Rescue by Kim Law

Montana Rescue
The Wildes of Birch Bay #2
Kim Law
Montlake Romance
August 23rd


Championship bull rider Nick Wilde is the face of Montana Pro Rodeo, with all the acclaim and fans he can handle. But is that enough? Contemplating his next career move, he’s come home to his family’s cherry orchard—and to his childhood crush, helicopter pilot Harper Stone. But Harper’s not quite the sexy, badass girl he once lusted after. Recently widowed, she’s broken in two. Wanting to help her move on, Nick finds himself aching for the kind of stability he never had as a child.

True love comes once if you’re lucky, and Harper already had her shot. An accident took her husband eighteen months ago and left only pain and guilt in his place. Now Nick is waking up her body and heart to everything she might still have to gain…or lose. A second chance is more than she thinks she deserves. But with a man like Nick doing the persuading, maybe it’s time to try.


There are certain authors that I can pick up and within second get into their books, now this doesn't happen with everyone, sometimes it's not even my favorites, but with Kim Law, it always happens. 

I just really enjoy her stories. Her characters are always likable. her stories are sweet & emotionally driven. All you want in a romance. 

Montana Rescue is book two in the The Wildes of Birch Bay series. Just a heads up you really should read Montana Cherries first. It really helps build the world of this family. 

In Montana Rescue you have Nick's story. You'll really like him. I loved the idea that he had a crush on Harper when they were younger. Which sort of makes this a second chance romance, but not really. 

I've sure been reading a lot of second chance romance lately. 

But because of what Harper has been through with losing her husband his crush isn't going to jump right into a full fledged relationship. I like that they didn't rush into anything. It's makes their story more complex, deeper in someway. 

We figure out right away that Harper is dealing with a ton of issues from the loss of her husband. She's not looking to replace him. She soon learns that being with Nick isn't replacing her husband. I think the coolest thing about Harper is that she's a pilot and flies a helicopter. This is a first for a heroine for me. 

Kudos's to Law!  

I really enjoyed Montana Rescue and think you will too. Get it now before book #3 is out. Montana Mornings comes out February 28th. I can't wait! 

If you've read Montana Rescue or any other book by Kim Law I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting with me! 


Here is book one of The Wildes of  Birch Bay

Don't you love this cover?  


  1. Yes I do love the cover! I only read one of her books and enjoyed it, but I am so behind. Nice review!


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