Review: The Cottage on Pumpkin and Vine by Kate Angell, Jennifer Dawson & Sharla Lovelace

The Cottage on Pumpkin and Vine
by Kate Angell, Jennifer Dawson 
& Sharla Lovelace
August 30th

Welcome to Moonbright, Maine…Where the scents of donuts and cider waft through the crisp night air…with just a hint of magic.

It’s time for the annual Halloween costume party at the cottage on Pumpkin and Vine, the perfect place to celebrate the pleasures of the season. Guests return to the picturesque B & B year after year to snuggle up in its cozy rooms, explore the quiet, tree-lined streets and enjoy all the spooky fun of the holiday. But local legend whispers that it’s also a place where wishes have a strange way of coming true.

For three unsuspecting revelers, it’s going to be an enchanted weekend of candy corn kisses and midnight black kittens, along with some real Halloween surprises—the kind that make your heart skip a beat—for many more celebrations to come…

I don't know about you but I love reading anthologies. During the holiday's when I'm busy but still need to read they are my go-to books. It's a great way to finish a book while doing the one-hundred-and-one things you do from Halloween on.

We don't always get very many Halloween books anymore and I think that's due to the fact that we have paranormal romances all year long.

So I was so glad to find one...

I've read Kate Angell before and really liked her books. I have never read either Jennifer Dawson or Sharla Lovelace so I was a little worried. Of course not worried enough not to try it though.

Just a heads up that the stories are connected by place not the day of Halloween itself. Charmed by Kate Angell is up first and happens before Halloween, Mesmerized by Jennifer Dawson happened the day of Halloween and Enchanted by Sharla Lovelace happens after.

Charmed by Kate Angell
This isn't the first time I've read Kate Angell so I was was slightly shocked that at first I was very unhappy about this story. It took me a while to get into Cade and Graces story. I wasn't sure I liked them at first. After a while I saw that they put up walls around themselves so that they wouldn't be hurt. By the end of their story I was enjoying them more. 

Mesmerized by Jennifer Dawson
I really enjoyed Jake and Chloe. Friends to lovers can be a good story when done right. I found their story to be very sweet. The magical part of their story was so-so but it didn't really matter because I liked what I was reading. 

Enchanted by Sharla Lovelace
This story might have happened after Halloween but you still felt the holiday's spirit with them. This is a second-change romance and anyone who follows me knows I'm picky with them. I'm glad to say that I did enjoy Sawyer and Sydney's story. This story caused a little tear in my eye when I was reading it. You'll be very happy that they find their happy-ever-after. 

The Book as a Whole
As a whole the book is very good. I might not have been thrilled with the Angell story, but that did mean by the end I didn't like how the story ended. I really think you'll enjoy the whole book. It will be a perfect book for those chilly nights to come. 

If you've read The Cottage on Pumpkin and Vine or any other book by Angell, Dawson & Lovelace I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! 

Kate Angell

Jennifer Dawson

Sharla Lovelace


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