Book Club Thursday: Reading Challenge 2016

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! Today is our Reading Challenge post! Thanks for visiting with us! 

Read a New Author to You
Read a Book Published Prior to 2010 
Read a Novella 
Read a eBook 
Read a Exotica 
Re-Read a Desert Island Book 
Read a Book With a Heroine that Has Your Name 
Read a Book You Bought For the Cover or Title Alone 
Read a Book Recommend by a Friend 
Read a Guilty Pleasure Book 
Read a Pee In Your Pants Read 
Read a Feel Good Book

For this post I picked:
Read a Book Published Prior to 2010

The Hellion And The Highlander
The Devil of the Highlands #3
Lynsay Sands
Avon Books
(I know its not prior but it's close to before
 2010 plus the series started in 2009)

Only one man could set her heart ablaze…

Lady Averill Mortagne learned to control her fierce temper as a young girl. But if her father insists on parading her before one more English lord who looks askance at her flame-colored hair, she’ll simply scream! Her only respite is the time she spends with Kade Stewart, the wounded Scot her brother brought home from the Crusades. Who could have imagined a Highland warrior would be the only gentleman around?

Lady Averill helped save his life, and for that Kade is truly grateful. She is also almost unbearably beautiful, but he could never subject such a sweet and gentle lady to the rough life of a Stewart laird’s bride . . . or could he? When she braves an unexpected danger by his side, Averill will prove to Kade that her heart is as fiery as her hair . . . and that submitting to their scorching passion would be heaven indeed.

I know that my choice for today's review should be prior to 2010 but of course I messed up. You see the first of the trilogy was out in January 2009. I knew I read book one and two and thought that I should finally finish the series. 

So I did!!!

And then afterward realized I messed up on the dates. Of course because I review so many books and can only read so fast (I really wish I could read faster) I wouldn't have time to read another book to review this week.


I'm going to play a little loose with the rules. I don't do that often but I'm in a pickle. I will admit that I'm glad that I read The Hellion & The Highlander. I can't believe I missed it or should say forgot about it. Because it's been so long it took me a few minutes to remember the series. I'm happy to say that it did come back to me. Thank goodness, it really helped with the story. 

I always enjoy reading historical's by Lynsay Sands, she has the type of characters that I enjoy. Her books always contain enough humor and romance to make the story enjoyable. Her writing is very easy to get into. If you haven't read her before you don't know what you are missing. 

Like I said, this is the third book in the Devil of the Highlands. Each of the three books are connected so they should be read in order. Of course there is only three so that shouldn't be a issue. 

I think you'll really enjoy both Lady Averill Mortagne & Kade Stewart. Both are perfect for each other. Averill might come off as meek but you'll soon learn she's not. Kade soon figures that out. Of course like so many of Sands stories their road to happiness isn't a easy one. But you'll be happy to be along for the ride. 

When Kade becomes Laird so easily you'd think all will be going smooth in their future. Of course that's a little hard when someone is trying to kill Kade. Poor Kade! 

I'm so glad that I caught up on this series. Of course I'm behind a few more of hers so....

If you've read The Hellion and the Highlander or any other book by Lynsay Sands I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting with my and happy reading! 

Here are the other titles in the series!

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  1. I love her historical romances- I didn't read this series though

    1. It's a good one! I really enjoyed it. I know it doesn't seem that way since I wait so long to read the third one, but I did.

  2. I loved the first book. I do love her humor in all her different series. Catch up time.

    1. She's a very easy author to get into. I like that about her writing.


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