Summer Lovin' Tour: Review of Sophie's Path by Catherine Lanigan

Summer Lovin Box Set

Sophie's Path 
Shores of Indian Lake
Catherine Lanigan
Harlequin Heartwaring
July 1st

Her choice. His consequences.

Nurse Sophie Mattuchi has seen a lot of angry patients in the ER, but no one's ever rattled her like Jack Carter. He has no right to blame her for his friend's death. Sophie did everything she could. Didn't she? Yet his accusations sting, and that sets off all kinds of internal alarms. She's never cared this much about any man's opinion of her. But Jack is different. He stirs up feelings. Strong feelings. Guilt. Anger. Attraction. Curiosity. Sympathy. Sophie's definitely not interested in Jack, but even if she was, he'd never forgive her for the decision she made that night in the hospital. Would he?

To be honest with you I don't go for books that have "Heartwarming" on the cover. I sort of like a little bit a grit in my books. But every once in a while you need a book that's just plain...sweet. 

But really, how often do you find a book that can be described like that? I don't think I've ever said that about a book. I've mention a book as having both heartwarming and touching moments, but never sweet. Or at least I don't think so. 

But here it is, Sophie's Path (I kept thinking choice instead of path) is a very sweet story. 

I enjoyed both Sophie and Jack. The story line wasn't anything new for me. But I didn't mind it. I liked the easy with how it read. It's also a small-town story and I really enjoy them. 

Jack blames Sophie for his friend dying...we all know it's grief, and Sophie is...Sophie! I'm not sure how else to describe her. I got that she's the type of woman that feels uncomfortable around her own sex but doesn't mind being friends with men. 

There is nothing wrong with this. Sometimes being friends with women takes a lot of work and energy. 

I enjoyed watching them figure out their issues and how to be together. You really want them to be or find happiness. This might have been the first book that I've ever called sweet, but I don't think it will be my last. I really enjoyed it and the authors writing. 

If you've read Catherine Lanigan or anything else she's written I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for visiting and happy reading! 

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  1. Thank you for participating in our TLC July releases tour! I've read many of Catherine's books and love them. The one I read most recently was FEAR OF FALLING, and it was a terrific read. As an animal lover, I really enjoy her four-legged characters, too!

    Best wishes,


    1. You are so welcome. I will have to check that one out. I too love animals in my books.

    2. Thank you for this wonderful review, Ann! I'm glad you like animals in books. I have always thought that our lives are so greatly enhanced by their presence...not just pets but the birds that sing in my backyard every morning, to the deer on the golf course across the lane. I LOVE your site!!

  2. I had this on my buy list. Sad thing is that the stores I shop don't carry this line yet.


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